Zambrero Wyoming

Zambrero opened last month in Wyoming on the Central Coast so we thought we’d check them out. We’ve been to Guzman Y Gomez and Mad Mex in Erina and the City many times so we know what to expect.

Zambrero Wyoming was empty at 10 am so we went through drive-through instead. We noticed that their menu was very limited with a side note of if you a vegetarian or vegan you can modify any dish. We did like the fact that they have cauliflower mince as an alternative.

We went through and ordered 2x Veg Quesadilla’s as advertised on the menu board. These are advertised as Cheese and Tomato salsa with your choice of sauce, melted between a toasted soft flour tortilla $5.90 for 2.

We get down to the cashier and are charged $26 and get handed our food. At this point, I’m asking for a receipt to find out what we are paying for. We were charged $8.90 for the Veg Quesadillas.

I asked why and was told by the cashier that we have the Cauliflower Quesadillas and they are $8.90. It’s worth noting that the cauliflower option is not on the menu board, and we did not know it even existed, so it was certainly not a case of us ordering the wrong thing.

If you cannot get what is shown on the menu board by simply repeating the exact words on the menu board then there are serious issues that need to be fixed. We were not asked for a choice of sauce, not given any sauce and were given cauliflower without asking for it.

As for the actual Quesadillas, there was barely any filling and nothing like the picture.

We are however wondering who charges $3 for 2x teaspoons of cauliflower? because that’s exactly what happened here. Our experience left us wondering if the Zambrero mission was to rip people off.

You are not going to win a vegetarian audience if you intend to rip them off for making a better choice.

No one wanted to take responsibility and fix the issue. We got the usual “would you like to speak to a manager?” We left and did one better and spoke to the owner of the restaurant later that day.

We will say the food is well spiced, however, the flavour profiles seem a little off, we get an underlying curry flavour which is definitely not Mexican.

We are not a fan of Zambrero and will not be returning. Between Guzman Y Gomez and Mad Mex there are enough Mexican food outlets. Especially when both do a great job of tasty food and excellent fun service where we’ve not once had the headache of getting something we did not order.

Our recommendation if you do choose to order at Zambrero is to get the receipt and check it. Also check your bags of food before leaving.

Contact Details

Address: 459 Pacific Hwy, Wyoming NSW 2250

Monday 7:30am–9pm
Tuesday 7:30am–9pm
Wednesday 7:30am–9pm
Thursday 7:30am–10pm
Friday 7:30am–10pm
Saturday 7:30am–10pm
Sunday 7:30am–9pm