Zambrero nachos as unhealthy as it gets

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You might see the words ‘Fresh Healthy Mexican Food’ or may believe what you are eating here is a better alternative to a burger, and who would blame you.

A bit of research has indicated a bowl of pork nachos with garlic sauce from the Mexican food chain Zambrero contains 5005 kilojoules – more than double the recommended kilojoule count for an average adult meal.

The Ultimate Double Whopper from Hungry Jack’s has 4773 kilojoules, and a Double Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s has 3570 kilojoules.

While we don’t doubt there are healthier alternatives supplied at Zambrero, Nachos was not one of them.

Zambrero is not the only high kilojoule offender to look out for Guzman Y Gomez Nachos and Enchilada Burritos were not that far behind.

More surprising was a tomato and avocado wrap from JamaicaBlue  containing 4840 kilojoules that’s more than an Ultimate Double Whopper from Hungry Jack’s.

We’re not saying don’t eat here, but be mindful of what you are eating. A lot of these meals in the 4000+ kilojoules take over 1 hour of running to burn off.

Food Item kJ per serve
Guzman y Gomez Nachos Spicy Chicken Guerrero 4730
Guzman y Gomez Enchilada Burritos Chicken Guerrero 4730
Guzman y Gomez Enchilada Burritos Spicy Chicken Guerrero 4760
Zambrero Nachos Pork – Basilo Sauce 4982
Zambrero Nachos Pork – Garlic Sauce 5005
JamaicaBlue Bacon, Tomato & Avocado Wrap 4840
JamaicaBlue Chicken Bacon Avocado Wrap 4850
JamaicaBlue Chicken Bacon Avocado Turkish Sandwich 4600
Hungry Jack’s Ultimate Double Whopper 4773
Coffee Club Gourmet Beef Burger 4462

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