Would you like fries with that, understanding your customer’s needs before upselling


McDonald’s “would you like fries with that” style of upselling has ingeniously worked wonders for them over the years but maybe they should just stick with fries and not other products.

I went through my local McDonalds drive-thru this morning and ordered 2x Cheeseburgers without meat, add a hashbrown instead. That was it. Before proceeding to pay I was then asked “would you like bacon on either of the cheeseburgers for an extra $2”.

Now I don’t know that many meat eaters who would order a cheeseburger without meat, I do know plenty of vegetarians who would order this as a way around McDonald’s lack of choice on the menu.

Today’s experience with McDonald’s reinforces the need to understand your customer’s needs before trying to upsell to them. Otherwise, you’re going to annoy your customer and waste your own time.

Another recent experience, I received an email from a VoIP telephony vendor that we had engaged with prior. They were trying to sell us their products and services based on “with the cancellation of copper services and ISDN line services being phased out”.

What this vendor did not take the time to understand was that we had moved away from landlines 2 years ago and that we already had a cloud-based IP Telephony system in place.

Instead of sending the same cookie cutter email to everyone on your contacts list and hoping for a 2% hit rate. Get on the phone, talk to your prospect, understand their needs and if you genuinely believe the product you are selling is a fit then proceed to show your prospect how it will fit.

The interaction with the VoIP telephony vendor didn’t go so well. I unsubscribed, wrote back and advised that we stopped using landlines 2 years ago. I then blocked their emails.

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Chet Carter is an IT Professional of 22 years, but has worked with a range of businesses giving him in-depth understanding of many different industries. Chet Carter is a business owner but shares his knowledge and experience through posts like these.

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    This is well said. Agree that too many sit behind the email marketing machine and not know much about the customer


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