Would you give your tenant free rent if the air conditioner broke down in summer?

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Would you give your tenant free rent if the air conditioner broke down in the middle of summer?

It’s been a long, hot summer in Australia, with temperatures reaching 46.5 degrees in some locations. The trend was that air conditioners were breaking down everywhere.

The last thing anyone needs is a 40 degree Celsius day, and to have the air conditioner not functioning. During this peak of air conditioners failing, it’s hard to get that air conditioner fixed within a few days and not uncommon for the air conditioner to be out for 2 weeks or more.

What we’re asking is as a landlord, would you give your tenant free rent to help lift the spirits of your tenant, who is probably stuck in a sweat box?

Most landlords seem to be driven by greed and quite literally don’t really care about the tenant and their wellbeing, it’s all about the bottom line and how cheap they can get something fixed.

This was not the case for one tenant and his landlord. Dave aged 53 who has been renting the same unit for years, experienced just this, a hot summers day and a failed air conditioner.

The property manager had the air conditioner repaired, but it took almost 2 weeks to have fixed. During this time Dave had to endure a sweatbox of a unit.

Once the landlord had been advised that the air conditioner had broken down, was now repaired but was not working for 2 weeks. Dan the landlord reached out to the property manager and advised to provide Dave with 2 weeks free rent.

It’s this compassion and understanding that is helping landlords like Dan keep great tenants.

Australia needs a better standard of landlord that is caring, compassionate and not just a money hungry douche.

I can tell you of a friends recent experience, the air conditioner died during the beginning of summer at the house they are renting. It took 1 month to have the air conditioner repaired, not once did they hear from McGrath Gosford or the landlord during this time.  It’s also worth mentioning that the rent went up by an extra $10 per week and they were advised by McGrath to go out and buy our own air conditioner!

As a result of poor management and any consideration for the tenant. It’s now February and they’ve terminated the lease. Game over McGrath Gosford and landlords. You failed miserably.

They’ve endured

  • a failed oven for 2 weeks
  • low water pressure (this is still not fixed) it takes 40 minutes to fill a bath and by the time its done the water is cold!
  • air conditioning failure and not fixed for 1-month
  • the dishwasher that works sometimes
  • a fence that blew over in the wind, they built a new strong fence at our own cost (so our dogs don’t run away)
  • water spurting out the sinkholes and flowing on to the floor. It damaged our own property too.
  • thick glass soap holder simply broke off the tile and fell 2cm from my wife’s foot
  • Skylights blow out of the roof when it gets windy
  • fan above the stove does not work
  • damage to our vehicles due to lack of maintenance of trees over the driveway (in the 4 years they’ve been here you had someone cut the trees back 1 month prior to us moving)

And you as landlords have the audacity to charge us close to $600 per week for a house that is crumbling around us. Get Real!

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