Woolworths Gosford

Woolworths Gosford is positioned inside the Imperial Centre on William Street. The Store is large and includes a Butcher, Delicatessen, Greengrocer and General Supermarket.


The layout of the store is fairly easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. Aisles are not cramped

Range of Products

This is where Woolworths Gosford falls down. There are many products that Woolworths either don’t carry at all or only carry their own home brand. This gives the consumer less choice and forcing their hand to buy a brand with usually inferior quality in comparision. One example is Crossiants.

Our Experience

Our experience over the last 5 years with Woolworths Gosford has shown that you should not get so excited about their range and freshness of fruit and vegetables.

By comparision the fruit and vegetables sold at this store are of lower quality then other supermarket stores. This means it’s pretty bad quality. Top notch fruit and vegetables rarely make it to the supermarkets anyway.

We’ve come to expect to buy Bananas, watermelon, lettuce, tomatoes only to find that they have gone off and rotten the following day. We’ve often plucked out rotten fruit and vegetables and taken them to the service counter telling them we’re unsure why they are trying to sell this crap to people.

We’d highly recommend that you get in contact with a proper fruit and vegetable monger and avoid buying fruit and vegetables from Woolworths Gosford. The freshness is amazingly different. We will not return to buy ANY fruit and vegetables from them.

The Butcher in Woolworths Gosford is a bit hit and miss. There are value cuts available, but you need to be quick. We’ve taken meat home before where the use by date was 7 days away. Took the meat out of the fridge and opened the following day only to find it was off and considerably mouldy. The sheer inconvenience is enough for us to not bother buying any meat from here in the future.

We’ve not really had too many issues with the Woolworths Delicatessen at all. The olives and roasted vegetables are of standard quality and reasonably fresh as there is a high turn over on these products.

There is significant cross contamination that does occur in the Delicatessen so if you have an allergy for example it’s possibly worth rethinking buying from the Delicatessen.

Prawns and Fish are not as fresh as you might hope. Prawns are usually frozen and thawed out on the day. There is also notably an odd smell that comes from the seafood section that might act as an indicator of some bad practices or unpleasant chemicals being used to clean down the areas.

One of the things that does bother us the most is the way Woolworths Gosford tries to sell selected items for double and triple the price, while some items are really cheap, most items are on the extreme side of expensive.

For example: Box of Lindt Chocolates was selling at Woolworths Gosford for $29, later that day we drove to Woolworths Port Macquarie only to find the same box of chocolates being sold for $12.

Another example is Original Source Bodywash. Woolworths sell the 500ml bottle for $8, we walk into Coles West Gosford only to find the same 500ml bottle being sold for $4.

To top off the bad range, quality and pricing is the rude customer service. From our experience it seems as though Woolworths Gosford staff treat everyone that walks into their store as a criminal. They’ve got 2 – 3 people watching and looking in your bags as you go through the self service check out.

We’ve witnessed Woolworths Gosford staff and security accuse someone of stealing while still in store shopping, and then proceed to pull her handbag off her arm. If this happens get it on video straight away.

It’s actually illegal for staff and security to be looking in your bags let alone touching your bags. The law is that a Police Officer is allowed to touch your own personal property, no one else is allowed to touch your on personal property including security. Another thing to remember is that it’s not stolen until you leave the store premises.

You can put items in your own bag, pockets and consume items while in the store as long as you pay for them before leaving. Leaving without paying becomes theft. If you have any issues regarding this be sure to challenge them on it and then take it to court if needed.

Opening Hours:

Mon 7am – 9pm
Tue 7am – 9pm
Wed 7am – 9pm
Thu 7am – 9pm
Fri 7am – 9pm
Sat 7am – 9pm
Sun 8am – 8pm

Contact Details

Located in: Imperial Centre Gosford
Address: 40/46 William St, Gosford NSW 2250
Hours: Open today · 7am–9pm
Phone: (02) 4343 9707