Woolworths Four Cheese Stonebaked Pizza

The Woolworths Four Cheese Stonebaked Pizza is found in the freezer section of most Woolworths Supermarkets. It’s a 360g pizza and sells for $4.

We’ve put the Four Cheese Stonebaked Pizza through its paces, here’s how it faired with a family of four:

The pizza was small, and we can’t sit here and say what did we expect for $4 when Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza both have $4.95 Pizzas that are larger

The quality of the pizza was simply embarrassing. Right from the pizza base which was thin and resembling old bread rather than pizza dough, to the scarce layer of tomato paste and not to mention the bechamel like cheese sauce that was on top. That’s right it did not even appear to be cheese but a weird cheese sauce.

The taste was disgusting and absolutely not right. It was the worst frozen pizza we’ve come across, IGA frozen Margherita pizza and Coles frozen Margherita pizza range both beat Woolworths ‘Four Cheese’ hands down.

We’d recommend calling Pizza Hut, Dominos or visiting IGA or Coles before deciding to purchase the Woolworths ‘Four Cheese’ pizza. Aldi is currently selling a box of 3 cheese pizzas for $6 that was better quality and had more real cheese.

We’re even quite positive that you may see better results in buying a pizza doughball for $2 and making it yourself.