Woolworths far from being ‘the fresh food people’ as consumers find mouldy food being sold

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Woolworths have never been the ‘Fresh Food People’ and quite frankly it surprises me that it is only coming to light in the public now.

2 years ago I purchased steak from Woolworths, paid a premium price and it had an expiry date of 1 week away from the purchase date. Brought the steak home, placed it in the fridge. Around lunchtime the following day I took the steak out to cook, only to find the steak covered in mould.

It’s not just the annoyance of the product being mouldy and stale, but it is the sheer inconvenience that one now faces in returning the item, and that is of course if you kept your receipt or even received a receipt to start with.

We do not buy meat, bread or fruit from Woolworths anymore as they cannot be trusted. Bakers delight is for bread, there are plenty of local fruit shops that fair better then the train wreck of fruit and veg Woolworths puts on its shelves. As for meat just go to a trusted butcher and avoid the crap Woolworths try selling.

Consumers really need to vote with their wallet, if Produce is not acceptable, take the item to the counter and tell the staff at Woolworths and then walk out and go elsewhere.

When I shop at Woolworths I make a point of pulling items off the shelf that are mouldy or sub-par quality, I take it to the front counter and have often said I’m not sure how you call yourself ‘the fresh food people’, this is off. I do this because the unsuspecting consumer will come along and buy this, and that is how Woolworths get away with selling such rubbish.

If I told you that the fruit is all sorted at their distribution centre and the better quality fruit and veg goes to the richer areas, the sub-par fruit and veg goes to poorer areas, but all fruit and veg is sold at the same price, you may not believe me but that’s exactly what is happening right now.

Don’t believe me then take a trip to the Northern Beaches or to a city store and buy strawberries, and then compare them to what is available from Gosford. The difference is surprising and it’s not a coincidence.

Just yesterday I walked into Woolworths at 2 PM to buy something for lunch, spotted some pre-cooked cheese triangles, they were marked as cooked at 7 AM that day. How is that FRESH? Seriously? They are dried out and have been under heat lamps for 7 hours and they STILL WANT $5 for them.

woolworths strawberries mouldy

woolworths mouldy pears

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