Why tradie services are essential during the COVID-19 outbreak



We’re all going through this massive shift and most of us do not know what’s next, some of us are even in self-quarantine or lockdown.

But one thing is for sure, tradie services such as Plumbers, Electricians and the further list below are absolutely essential during the COVID-19 outbreak. These types of services help ensure a safe environment for us and especially given that most of us are working from home right now we want to know that our house is safe and sound.

You might be short of space and need a temporary quiet location for your work from home office, those dodgy looking powerpoints might need fixing, and that tripping bathroom tap could do with some love.

Essential Tradie Services

We should also spare a thought for other trades services and not put off all planned projects. Some of the best projects to tackle right now could be build planning and drafting services. Do not forget that winter is not far away and you may want to get your heating requirements sorted now.

Once we move past COVID-19 the market will bounce back quickly and there is likely to be short supply of materials and a backlog of work for service providers. By being proactive now we can take advantage of a quieter time and get the jobs done. (possibly even at a discounted rate)

The best place for Trusted Tradies is hipages.com.au it’s a marketplace of over 133,753 tradies all ready to help you.

One of the buzz words that you might have heard of in recent times is contactless payments, it’s an important one right now due to how COVID-19 is spread, no one really wants to handle cash. So paying your tradie at the end of a job well done might be difficult if you plan on handing over cash.

The great news is that hipages.com.au offer a great service called hipay, you simply enter your debit / credit card details into the hipages app, enter the amount you are paying the tradie and boom, your tradie is paid, all in a contactless manner.

The best thing we can all do is support one another in this difficult time. Social distancing doesn’t mean stopping life and cancelling everything.

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