We Tested The 6 Best Robot Vacuums in Australia 2023

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Best Robot Vacuums in Australia 2023

Depending on your outlook, the rise of artificial intelligence may be exciting or concerning. Machines are becoming more and more adept each day at executing tasks that were previously the sole preserve of humans. Vacuuming, however, is one chore that most people won’t mind robots exclusively taking over. Seriously, we’re yet to meet anyone who actually enjoys doing that stuff.

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Powerful, efficient, and smart, robot vacuums are the best things since, well, vacuum cleaners. High-end models pack a series of really cool features that can help you be less hands-on in daily cleaning. Even budget options are decently effective at facilitating reduced contact with dust and debris for users. At any rate, they can help you channel your efforts and time into more productive pursuits.

Having said that, budget robot vacuums will make your wallet a few hundred dollars lighter, and models from the top of the shelf require a fairly significant outlay. What we’re saying is that there’s a very small margin for error. If you’re considering purchasing one of these devices for your home, you may need to cover all bases so you don’t end up with an expensive dud.

We’ve drawn up this list of the best robot vacuums in Australia to help make your purchasing decision easier. Our choices were carefully selected to reflect the broad spectrum of considerations, and there’s something for every budget and need on our list. If you want to cut right to the chase, check out our number one recommendation below.

Our Top Choice – Ecovacs Deebot N8+

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Equally adept at cleaning and mopping, the Deebot N8+ offers a whole host of high-end features for a mid-range price, making it an authentic value purchase. Boasting smart mapping features, an auto-empty station, intuitive controls, smart home integration, powerful suction, and an almost noiseless operation, this device supports a virtually autonomous cleaning experience.

Best Robot Vacuums in Australia Reviews

For a still-evolving technology, robot vacuums have come a long way in the past few years. Significantly, they’ve managed to do away with the unwieldy cords associated with traditional vacuums while still packing enough power to make light work of dirt on any type of surface.

Beyond the basics, robot vacuums boast several remarkable cutting-edge features such as LiDAR mapping, smart home integration, fall prevention, remote operation, and voice control. Robot vacuums can also mop as well as clean, learn your cleaning methods and schedule a cleaning regimen according to them, and automatically empty their own dustbins.

These features are not universal, though. They’ll differ based on the manufacturer and at what point in the price spectrum the robot vacuum falls. The cheapest ones will not offer much by way of smart features, but you can still expect them to be efficient and durable. High-end options are generally a lot more self-sufficient and offer several options for customizing cleaning schedules. They may also be more adept at getting rid of stubborn dirt and dealing with pet hair and other allergens.

The perfect robot vacuum for you would depend on your needs; the size of your space and the type of cleaning you need to do. Taking these into consideration will help keep you from overpaying for features you don’t need or getting stuck with a massively inadequate product.

1. Ecovacs Deebot N8+

The Ecovacs Deebot N8+ is a cleaning and mopping stalwart that bridges the considerable gap between high-end robot vacuums and others at the other end of the price spectrum. While its self-emptying ability is its party trick, this robot vacuum has several other advanced tricks up its sleeve.

Design-wise, Ecovacs has not gone for anything revolutionary. The Deebot N8+ sports the industry standard circular shape, with brushes underneath and a laser turret on top. Yet, despite this appendage, the robot vacuum has a low profile that serves it well when it needs to maneuver around and underneath obstacles in various rooms.

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Our review model came in a white colour that tends to need regular cleaning but that also blends well with most interior decors. Also included in the package was an auto-empty station that doubles as the robot vacuum’s charging station. The hybrid charging/emptying station seemed surprisingly large at first glance, but since it has been designed to hold dirt and other debris for extended periods, we suspect that that’s par for the course. The robot vacuum takes a few hours to charge fully. At full charge, it can clean and mop its way around your living space for the best part of 80 minutes.

Once you let the robot vacuum out of its package for the first time, it sets off on its first cleaning expedition, tentatively feeling its way around the room and establishing a cleaning route. At the end of the first clean, the vacuum cleaner builds up a map of the cleaning area, which can be accessed via the Ecovacs companion app. On the app, you can perform a variety of other customizations, such as establishing cleaning schedules, setting virtual boundaries, and changing power settings for a more thorough cleaning. The robot vacuum can save two maps, which is good news for two-level homes.

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The Deebot N8+ manages to execute subsequent cleaning runs with greater confidence, even if it does get itself into a few scrapes sometimes. Having said that, its 2,300pa suction power gives it enough oomph to make light work of dirt on hardwood floors and carpets. The robot vacuum mops with far less conviction, though, so we recommend periodically breaking out your mop for deeply ingrained stains. At the end of every cleaning job, the Deebot N8+ makes its way back to its emptying station, which proceeds to suck out the dirt in the robot vacuum into a disposable bag.


  • Superb suction power and decent torque
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Fairly noiseless operation
  • Accurate mapping system
  • Self-emptying
  • Smart home integration and voice control


  • Mopping is a bit hit and miss
  • Auto emptying gets really loud
  • Takes some time to fully charge


With the Deebot N8+, Ecovacs has walked the tightrope between price and performance with distinction, managing to deliver a robot vacuum with first-grade features at almost a fraction of the cost you’d generally expect to pay for them.

2. Ecovacs Deebot N8

Ecovacs produce three variants of robot vacuums in the Deebot N8 series: the N8, N8+, and the N8 Pro. There are differences in features and specifications (and obviously price) in each of them, with the N8 being the base and most budget-friendly model.

Like the other models in the Deebot N8 series, the N8 does not stray too far from the blueprint when it comes to its design. It’s shaped like a puck, with a variety of brushes around its sides and two wheels underneath, almost exactly like the others. Unlike the N8+, however, the N8’s power button is located at the top of the RVC, right next to the laser turret. Also, the charging dock that comes shipped with the N8 is just that, not a charging/emptying station like what obtains with the N8+.

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The N8’s cleaning movements are guided by its LiDAR technology (Ecovacs call it dToF), which draws up a map of your home after the RVC completes its first cleaning run and returns to its charging station. You may decide to leave the RVC to its own devices for subsequent cleanings, but if you prefer a more customized setup, or if there are areas you want the device to avoid, you can tweak its settings, along with the map of your home, through the robot vacuum’s companion app. Like the N8+, the N8 can store up to two maps in its memory.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS, and you can schedule cleaning modules, set up no-go or no-mop zones, label rooms, set up targeted cleaning, and increase or decrease suction settings on it. Speaking of suction, the N8 offers 2300pa of it, which is good enough to pick off the vast majority of dirt grains on hardwood and tile floors. On carpets, the RVC automatically ramps up its suction power to the highest, which makes it louder and drains more battery juice than normal, but it still does a reasonably good job of cleaning them.

The N8’s mopping function is passably good (but basic) on tile and hardwood floors, but it really struggles with carpets. We recommend having it avoid carpets entirely and only letting it perform the lightest of mopping tasks. The Deebot N8 returns to its charging station after every cleaning. Its 312mw batteries are good for about 110 minutes of cleaning, which is good enough for most homes. If you have a very large space, however, the RVC’s Continuous Clean option lets it pick up from where it stopped after taking a charging break.

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  • Accurate mapping
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Fairly noiseless operation
  • Budget-friendly


  • Unremarkable mopping ability
  • Average battery life


The Ecovacs Deebot N8 is quietly effective, offering several advanced features that make it a firm value purchase.

3. Coredy R750-W Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Coredy R750-W can boast a whole host of excellent attributes which make it a superb vacuum cleaner, but what really stands it apart from its contemporaries is its terrific mopping abilities. While most RVCs manage not to make a complete hash of mopping tasks but do not excel at them either, the R750-W, backed by a range of advanced technologies, the RVC can execute cleaning and mopping tasks with equal dexterity, a quality that belies its mid-range price.

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With the R750-W, no two cleaning jobs are the same. Unlike other RVCs, which operate on a set cleaning algorithm for all types of cleaning jobs, this one automatically adapts its suction power to the task at hand, ensuring that each surface type gets the best treatment. This feature is supported by Coredy’s flagship Boost-Intellect Technology, which effects an increase in suction power from 1600pa to 2200pa when the RVC makes the transition from hardwood or tile floors to carpets. The R750-W also has sensors that keep it from bumping into hard obstacles or falling off stairs.

The R750-W has outstanding mopping technology that adjusts water distribution based on current mopping requirements. Spot cleaning is enhanced by sensors that automatically detect humidity and dryness of surfaces and provide the needed response. A water pump that is electronically regulated and algorithmically driven only distributes what is necessary at the appropriate time, preventing spills and maintaining pristine floors.

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Like most RVCs, the R750-W has a mobile-friendly companion app, which lets you perform a variety of customizations, such as setting cleaning schedules, creating no-go zones, and switching cleaning modes. The R750-W also integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for a more convenient operation. You may also seal off certain sections of your home from the R750-W with boundary strips, which are also sold separately.


  • Excellent cleaning and mopping abilities
  • HEPA Filter
  • Powerful suction
  • Boost-Intellect Technology
  • Good battery life
  • Noiseless operation


  • No mapping support
  • Takes longer to vacuum spaces
  • Some connectivity issues


Powerful suction supported by intelligent technology is the winning combination that gives the R750-W its superpower. Perfectly capable of delivering sterling results on all types of surfaces, whether cleaning or mopping, this robot vacuum cleaner is almost a steal at its price.

4. Eufy Robovac X8 Hybrid

If you have a generous robot vacuum cleaner budget and you’re looking for a highly powerful, capable, and efficient one, the Robovac X8 Hybrid from Eufy could be just what you need. As you would expect from an RVC with such a premium price tag, the X8 has all the bells and whistles (in terms of software) necessary to keep home surfaces pristine.

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The X8 Hybrid’s most notable attribute, however, is its hardware. It’s equipped with twin suction turbines, each of them separately generating 2000pa of suction. With such sheer power, this RVC routinely makes short work of pet hair and a wide range of other debris in the shortest possible time, negating the need for it to sweep rooms a second time. Yet, even if you want to give cleaned areas another once-over, the X8 can offer up to 3 hours of battery life on a single charge, more than enough juice for extended periods of continuous cleaning. On the flip side, such immense suction power can have its drawbacks. The X8 Hybrid tends to knock over its charging station when it attempts to dock, and having to constantly set it back upright can be a little annoying.

While multi-surface cleaning is one of the X8 Hybrid’s strong suits, its mopping skills can not be considered out of the ordinary. It does a solid job – its water tank can hold up to 250ml of water- but not enough to encourage you to throw out your mopstick. Having said that, mapping is another function that’s more up the X8 Hybrid’s alley, and, using Eufy’s proprietary iPath Laser Navigation, this RVC can navigate spaces with fewer collisions with obstacles.

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You can customize the map of your home and perform several other functions on the X8 Hybrid’s home app. For absolute convenience and ease of use, the X8 also integrates with smart-home systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Intelligent mapping
  • UltraPack Dust-Compression Technology
  • Powerful suction
  • Superb battery performance
  • Several options for home map customization


  • Not the best mopping abilities
  • Small dust bin


A premium option, the X8 hybrid includes exceptional suction power and excellent battery performance in its list of attributes. It makes light work of all types of dirt and is ready to do it all again if required.

5. Roborock S5 Max

Roborock has an impressive reputation in this industry, and while the S5 Max is not one of their premium offerings, it still packs enough features to make observers sit up and take note. Going by its reviews across several platforms, it’s safe to say that people have definitely been taking notice.

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This RVC’s rapier movements are aided by Roborock’s Adaptive Route Algorithm, which intelligently plots the most efficient cleaning route in a room depending on its form and obstacles, along with the system’s quad-core 32-bit processor, which is particularly adept at storing and recalling precise maps. This provides the Roborock S5 Max with effective laser navigation, accurate floor mapping, and the capacity to effectively vacuum and clean. This hybrid feature is what makes the S5 Max one of the most notable robot vacuums on the market.

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While most RVCs struggle with carpets, the S5 Max navigates the thick and loose fabric strands of this surface with accomplished ease. On tile and hardwood floors, this RVC is a whizz. Its 2200pa suction power helps it efficiently get rid of all kinds of dirt, including pet hair, which is notoriously difficult to remove. Besides providing navigation capabilities for different floor types, the companion smartphone app adds a range of automation tools, including the ability to define virtual boundary markets and schedule specific cleanings.


  • Smart mapping abilities
  • Quiet operation
  • Powerful suction
  • Good mopping abilities
  • Precise and efficient movement


  • Unremarkable battery performance
  • Small dust bin


A moving, cleaning, and mopping genius, the Roborock S5 Max offers a wide range of impressive qualities. Recommended for you if you have ever struggled with pet hair getting all tangled up in the carpet.

6. iRobot Roomba i7+

What type of list would this be if it doesn’t contain at least one product from robotics giant iRobot? The Roomba i7+ is one of the best robot vacuums around, packing a powerful suction and a whole host of other advanced features into its sturdy frame.

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Relying on its smart mapping abilities, this robot vacuum can navigate your house on its own and develop an algorithm to figure out the most efficient path over all of your surfaces. Even better, this vacuum can scan the area around it and produce visual landmarks to help it remember where it hasn’t been yet. No matter what floor you set up your cleaner on, it will know where it is and take the best path possible because mapping is saved independently for different floors. As soon as it wraps up a cleaning run, the i7+ locates its charging/emptying station and self-empties the dirt.

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The Roomba i7+ robot vacuum’s powerful suction is a handy feature that ensures that all types of dirt (including pet hair) across a variety of surfaces come off second best in any contest with it. The revolutionary 3-Stage Cleaning design uses a dual rubber brush system that flexes alternately across one another to gather up every pet hair strand without ever becoming tangled in cleaning bristles or caught in machine arms. Having said that, the downside of so much power is that the Roomba i7+ announces its presence in every room it graces with a decidedly noticeable whir. Subtlety is not one of its strong points.

A wide range of customization settings can be made on the iRobot HOME app. So, if you want to schedule a regular cleaning program for high-traffic areas or set up virtual boundaries, you can download this RVC’s companion app from the Google or iOS playstore and get tweaking.


  • Self-emptying abilities
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System
  • Smart mapping abilities
  • Powerful suction
  • Smart-home integration


  • Bulky and noisy
  • Unremarkable battery performance


Built to be solid and powerful, the Roomba i7+ gets rid of pet hair and other types of dirt without breaking a sweat. However, it’s also got the smarts to go with its brute strength.

Buyers Guide

If you’ve made it up to this point, you must be seriously considering getting a robot vacuum cleaner for your home. Before you head to the market, check out this section for the lowdown on some of the things you should be on the lookout for.

But first, let’s go over some of the things you need to take into consideration before you can make an informed decision.


While it’s true that you get what you pay for, price is not the most important determiner of quality when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners. Robot vacuums can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over two thousand dollars. However, we’ve found that the premium price of some of the most expensive robot vacuums is more in connection with their high-end technological features (such as self-emptying stations and cameras) than any special cleaning abilities. Indeed, some low-cost robot vacuums can clean as well as, if not better than, some premium ones.

To avoid overpaying for superfluous features, it’s a smart decision to make a mental note of qualities you consider essential in a robot vacuum and plan your budget accordingly. Some high-end features are nice to have, not must-haves. You won’t be missing out on much without them.

Floor Type

The majority of robot vacuum types are capable of cleaning both carpets and hardwood floors, but some are more adept at one than the other. Higher-end robot vacuums deal with rapid changes in surfaces by ramping up their power when on carpets and throttling back down when their sensors detect hardwood or tile surfaces. You should consider rugs before making your purchase.


Pet hair removal abilities have become a sort of benchmark for robot vacuums. This is because pet hair can get tangled up in carpets, making it that much harder to get rid of. If you have pets in your home, you may need to be more conscientious about your decisions. Pet hairs are allergens as well, and if you struggle with allergens, you may need to keep your eyes peeled for a model with a HEPA filter for air purification.

What to Look Out for in a Robot Vacuum

These are the most important features to look out for in robot vacuums:

App Integration

Before making a purchase, compare several models and their characteristics, as robot vacuums come with a broad variety of remote-control features. Additionally, you can use their companion applications to control the majority of robot vacuum cleaners.

Smart Mapping

The effectiveness of a robot vacuum depends on how effectively it can map your house. Home mapping not only boosts productivity but also helps your robot avoid danger zones.

This feature is present in the majority of robot cleaners. However, they use various methods. Some models use magnetic strips to determine limits, while higher-end models use sensors and cameras.

Cliff Detection

There are cliff sensors on most robot vacuums to prevent them from falling down stairs or other uneven surfaces. These sensors warn the robot to turn around when they spot a precipice, preventing it from falling and disintegrating. This function is almost universal in robot cleaners, but it merits mentioning here due to its significance. A robot vacuum cleaner without cliff sensors is not something you want to purchase.

Obstacle Detection

There is a great deal of hype surrounding robotic vacuum cleaners as autonomous cleaning machines, but their level of autonomy greatly depends upon the level of investment you are willing to make. Of course, every robotic vacuum has sensors. The sensors in the model you’re buying, though, how well do they function? Coming home to a clean house or a stopped robot with tangled connections may depend on a robotic vacuum’s ability to recognize items in its path.

Self-emptying Ability

If you live in a large house, or if you really struggle with dirt and other allergens, you should consider investing in a robot vacuum that empties itself. This feature is typically only provided by models with a premium price tag, but it may be worth the expense if you don’t have to regularly empty the robot vacuum’s dustbin.

Final Words

Robot vacuums are well-liked, as even a cursory look at the market will show you. What’s not to like? They help people take care of two of the least interesting household chores. Consequently, manufacturers have all been trying to outdo each other, offering products with more and more advanced features with every passing day, it seems.

This is as much a blessing as a curse. These days, it’s harder for people who don’t know much about these systems to make a purchasing decision. If you fall into this category, we’ve drawn up this list of the best robot vacuums in Australia to help smooth things out a bit. You may also check out our top recommended product if you want to skip the search.


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