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VidaXL is an online dollar bargain store who’s the nearest competition is the reject shop. So buying from here is guaranteed to yield poor quality products and service where they don’t really care.

Our Experience

A recent purchase of the VidaXL Cat Scratching Post 155 cm Yellow has left us wondering how sites like VIDAXL are still able to exist online. A quick look indicates that there are in fact a few hundred people who have complained about the quality of products and the poor customer service.

Early August we purchased the VidaXL Cat Scratching Post, within 2 weeks of use from a 4-month-old kitten the cat post had already started bending.

August 21st we contacted customer support and explained the issue, they replied and asked for photos. We’ve sent photos of the Cat Scratching Post bending and have not had a response from customer service since.

A further email has been sent to VidaXL on the 10th September 2017 asking for a response or further action will be taken.


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