Urgent: Return Baxters Dog Food to Your Nearest Store

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Consumers who have purchased Baxters canned dog food, dog sausage and dog biscuits should be returning them to their nearest Woolworths after there have been in excess of 80 reports of dogs being sick after eating Baxters.

In one instance a dog became too sick to walk, and there have been reports from three sources of puppies dying after being fed Baxters.

Baxters dog foods are of extremely poor quality and poor quality standards. This shows when a can of Baxters canned dog food was opened and found to be 50% water.

Woolworths showed no care or concern to the quality of the product, they simply refunded the money and said have a nice day.

The ingredients of Baxters dog biscuits are of concern:

It’s interesting to see bentonite included, a clay substance that aids digestion, bloating, gas, skin complaints, vomiting, and diarrhoea. I would assume this is included to mask the side-effects of feeding the food.

Potassium chloride is used to add potassium to the food but also to balance the pH of a poorly formulated food. We find it in a number of foods in small amounts. I’ll reference a few points here in relation to the many reports I’ve received of dogs being sick after eating Baxters and the symptoms which have occurred:

“Trace Minerals (Potassium Chloride) (1 stars) found in 4% of pet food products analysed. Source of potassium to balance pH, small intestinal ulcers may occur, indicates lack of well-rounded supplementation” ~ Cooperative report between food formulator Dr. Lisa Newman N.D. Ph.D (, Mike Adams ( and the non-profit Consumer Wellness Centre (

Potassium chloride is “used to cause cardiac arrest as the third drug in the ‘three drug cocktail’ for executions by lethal injection” ~

“Potassium supplements may result in these side effects – muscle weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite” ~ Note: This is in relation to supplement tablets for dogs suffering chronic kidney conditions or kidney failure, but I note it here as the effects are inline with many reports I’ve received of sick dogs eating this food.

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