Urgent: Return Baxters Dog Food to Your Nearest Store


Consumers who have purchased Baxters canned dog food, dog sausage and dog biscuits should be returning them to their nearest Woolworths after there have been in excess of 80 reports of dogs being sick after eating Baxters.

In one instance a dog became too sick to walk, and there have been reports from three sources of puppies dying after being fed Baxters.

Baxters dog foods are of extremely poor quality and poor quality standards. This shows when a can of Baxters canned dog food was opened and found to be 50% water.

Woolworths showed no care or concern to the quality of the product, they simply refunded the money and said have a nice day.

The ingredients of Baxters dog biscuits are of concern:

It’s interesting to see bentonite included, a clay substance that aids digestion, bloating, gas, skin complaints, vomiting, and diarrhoea. I would assume this is included to mask the side-effects of feeding the food.

Potassium chloride is used to add potassium to the food but also to balance the pH of a poorly formulated food. We find it in a number of foods in small amounts. I’ll reference a few points here in relation to the many reports I’ve received of dogs being sick after eating Baxters and the symptoms which have occurred:

“Trace Minerals (Potassium Chloride) (1 stars) found in 4% of pet food products analysed. Source of potassium to balance pH, small intestinal ulcers may occur, indicates lack of well-rounded supplementation” ~ Cooperative report between food formulator Dr. Lisa Newman N.D. Ph.D (www.azmira.com), Mike Adams (www.healthranger.org) and the non-profit Consumer Wellness Centre (www.consumerwellness.org).

Potassium chloride is “used to cause cardiac arrest as the third drug in the ‘three drug cocktail’ for executions by lethal injection” ~ Wikipedia.org

“Potassium supplements may result in these side effects – muscle weakness, upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite” ~ PetMD.com Note: This is in relation to supplement tablets for dogs suffering chronic kidney conditions or kidney failure, but I note it here as the effects are inline with many reports I’ve received of sick dogs eating this food.

Author’s Bio
Chet Carter is an Professional Journalist of 25 years, but has worked with a range of businesses giving him in-depth understanding of many different industries.


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    We feed our dogs this and one cant walk she has also lost her appetite and is trying to be sick and looks ver depressed we have her avet app in morning as its the earliest we could get

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    Our Groodle only has the dog biscuits as no flavours or colours.
    He has for the past month had very bad diahorrea and also anxious and restless. Normally a very layback dog and healthy dog.
    He was put on antibiotics after things not cleared up with a bland diet. All going well but, seems twice when I have given him a single Baxter dog biscuit the restlessness and loose bowels have started again that evening,causing him (me also) to be up all night.
    Will not be buying Baxters again

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    Now i know what was wrong with my dog i brought a can to fed my dog as i couldnt get what i usually buy and my dog was vomiting and breathing was funny i keep an eye on him i thought domeone had baited him now i know whst happen as i haven’t give it to him since

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    Our Jack Russell has been diagnosed with anaemia. We have been giving him the carob treats for some time, just wondering if anyone else has had this.

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    We fed Baxter’s dry dog food to our Sandy. She had horrendous seizures which she did not come out of. Our vet did everything he could but she didn’t recover. We had her euthanased and were absolutely devastated. A few weeks later we read about the dog foods causing illness in dogs.
    We still have the food which is still within the use by date. We kept the food but did not know what to do with it. I am so angry and devistated. I want these people to be accountable.

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    My dog vomited for 2 days after eating this tinned dog food. OMG I thought he was dying a pet of ours did years back from pancreatitis and it looked like that again. Who do we complain to?

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    Our dog was fitting in his sleep 6 months now he been on Baxter WTF? would turn his nose to it even mixed with wet food and poor pooch jolting in his sleep ,a pup arthritis like we been feeding him pup milk to counteract that be gee we thought he had epilepsy or something ….yesterday changed tonight my pooch aint twitching thankgod he’s OK

  8. Avatar

    Our Labrador who never has a problem with any food, ate Baxter’s dry food and started making a gagging sniffling noise then began foaming at the mouth, vomiting and his legs went weak. I threw it out immediately. This food is poison!!

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    I gave Baxter’s liver treats to our Jack Russell last week. A couple of hours later he started vomiting several times. I saw Baxter’s liver treats I gave him with yellow bubbles in his vomits, and he did not look well for a while. Luckily he seems ok now. I should have checked customer reviews about this product before I fed him.

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    I fed the baxters dog biscuits to my dogs last night and I came home from work today to vomit everywhere thru out the house

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    Our kelpie has just had severe abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhoea from eating this once. Our chooks won’t touch it!!

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    We were feeding our little dog canned chicken casserole and other casserole tins, as well as the green toothbrush breath fresheners, and she got diarrhoea badly for a week, just fluid. We took her to the vet and got antibiotics and diarrhoea pills and just fed her chicken meat and rice for 4 or 5 days just to stop it. Not knowing what caused it, we started feeding it to her again and same problem. The penny dropped that this crap was making her sick. Never again. Am about to contact Baxters, and Woolworths, for whatever good that will do, but will ask them to recompence me the vet bills and food we have thrown out.
    How is this allowed in this day and age? Why won’t Woolworths do something about it?

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    My father in law had to take his spanial to the Devonport vets so they can do all these test on her to find out where she got the lump from on her leg, and ever since the dad has fed it to her she’s also lost a lot of weight! We find out more later or she’s not coming home later because youse keep selling the crap! And this is the second time I’ve complained because my dog near chewed her own tail off from these biscuits! If I had my own way I’d burn every bag their is on the shelf ! Because poor Free the dog that’s going to the vet today and night not come home because of youse selling shit that kills your dog!!

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    OMG I cant believe this. My little mates just came out of a week in the vet. He was very sick, however I was never asked about what brand of food I feed my boys. Funny thing is my Jack russell who has an iron gut kept throwing up after eating the canned one too. Throw this stuff out …better to be safe than sorry. Im making my own food from now on.

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    My 9yr old cattle / shar pei cross has been vomiting ,loss of rear leg movement Large iris’s thirst lethagy,and is exhausted.
    This is from eating Baxters dog biscuits. How after over 2 years is this brand not banned from sale?. This so called food has poisoned my dog .I have only found out about this poison due to my daughter telling me is baxters symptoms ,I looked online and WTF this alledged food is poison to dogs

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    I will Never by Baxters dog rings & food Ever Again.
    It caused my dog who I just buried to have renial failure. I feel like taking the company to court for not fixing the problem that the food causes death back in 2018 & still in 2020 it s till causes death. How dare you still sell this rubbish!


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