Uber vs 13cabs, why Uber is a premium service

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The chief executive of the company behind the 13cabs network needs to get real. 13cabs is a taxi service, not ride-sharing. Taking a pot shot at Uber’s billion-dollar losses is simply inappropriate and uncalled for.

Boasting that “We sometimes smile and say perhaps we’re one of the world’s most profitable ride-sharing companies” does not make me smile. The taxi’s are dated, the service often rude and you rip customers off at every possible point.

13cabs claim “No matter who you are, you can book your way, pay your way, and more importantly, there’s always someone to contact at every touchpoint if needed.”

These are all false,

Booking my way. I was left on the phone for 25 minutes waiting for someone to make my booking, that’s not service. I downloaded the app to find they wanted way too much information and then the app crashed.

Paying my way. The one where the meter was off and I was overcharged being made to pay cash.
The time I needed to pay via EFTPOS or Credit Card and a surcharge was added. That’s right I was charged a surcharge when paying EFTPOS
Or do they mean when 13cabs wanted to take money upfront before I even sat in the cab because you thought someone was going to do a runner on you? That is of course totally paying my way, isn’t it!

Let’s not get started on “there is always someone to contact at every touchpoint if needed”, really.

How about last year when I left my friends place at 1 AM and stood out the front, and called a taxi. I rang back 30 minutes later asking how long the taxi would be, only to be told the taxi had already come and gone and we weren’t out the front. Yet we were still standing out the front.

I corrected customer service on this and then asked to send another taxi in which they refused and hung up on me. I called several times more only for the call centre service agents to laugh and hang up again. Maybe you’re right there is someone to contact at every point, there just not going to do anything to help you. In this instance, my wife and I were left to walk 45 minutes to home in another suburb at 2 am in the morning.

If you want to know why I despise 13cabs and there dated attitudes, this is why. YOUR SERVICE SUCKS BIG TIME.

13cabs has gone to market with claims that they do not have surge pricing. Apparently they just rip you off on every trip.

The rebranding from 13CABS to 13cabs was because the brand had been perceived as “aggressive”. It had nothing to do with the logo, it was always about how you treat your customers. In my opinion, 13cabs still remains aggressive today towards their customers and nothing has changed.

Uber is a premium service over the 13cabs offering. Uber offer newer, cleaner vehicles, friendly star rated drivers and an app that lets you know when the service will arrive. It will automatically move the job to a closer driver if need be. Paying is easy and getting home at 1:30 am has not been a problem since Uber came to our area.

Uber needs to lift the standard price and do away with surge pricing or at least limit surge pricing to no more than 1.5x. I get it that in peak times you need to entice drivers to get on the road.

There have been plenty of times that we’ve waited 1.5 hours for a 13cabs taxi, sometimes having to find an alternative anyway. I value my time and I don’t really mind paying a higher price, just get me a service and get me to where I’m going.

13cabs staff

  • Andrew Skelton – Managing Director & CEO Cabcharge
  • Stuart Overell – Chief Operating Officer
  • Liz Attia – Head of Marketing
  • Kim Henkul –Marketing Services Manager
  • Sam Tan – Digital Marketing Manager
  • David Brand – Senior Copywriter & Communications Manager
  • Cassie Downie – Communications Officer
  • Andrew Morgan – Graphic Designer

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Worst service ever and I have booked thousands of cabs around the world! Cab driver #599332 refused to switch on his meter and demanded $100 cash up front. Said it was “surge pricing” for Melbourne Cup. When we complained to 13CABS they rang the driver we could hear the phone ringing and he refused to pick up the phone. #599332 driver he told us he was his “own boss” and answers to no-one! I became scared we were never going to make it home safely. He threatened to drop us off in an unfamiliar location unless we paid the “surge” price. I have messaged, emailed and tweeted 13cabs for four days received no response. I would like some assurance from the operator that steps have been taken to ensure passengers are charged fairly and are safe. All over their facebook page I can see 13CABS advertising “no surge pricing” this is false advertising and therefore illegal. Will use a nice safe uber with a 5* rating next time at an agreed price. Don’t get scammed like I did!

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