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We’ve recently had the opportunity to give Twilio for Salesforce a spin. Initially excited as there are only a few players in this market that offer Salesforce SMS integration, and most of the vendors have lacklustre software that has big potential yet delivers nothing much in terms of real functionality.

Twilio for Salesforce is a massive let down with a few very big misses in core functionality. You cannot send an SMS from the Opportunity object or any custom objects, there are no email templates, and you cannot map what field on the object you want to use for the phone number. The only objects supported by Twilio for Salesforce that you can send an SMS from are Contact, Case, Lead and Person Accounts.

There are a few other little niggling things, that I am not going to say are issues, but you do need to be aware of them and work around them.

Twilio for Salesforce will only send an SMS to a correctly formatted E164 number, meaning if the phone number is not formatted in such a manner as 6141xxxxxxx then the SMS cannot be sent. Our numbers were all formatted as 041xxxxxxx.

What we did to work around this was create a process that updated the phone number to the E164 format. We would not have to do this if we could map the fields we want to use on the Object, a simple formula would have been sufficient.

Before building your process and updating the format of the phone numbers, check to make sure your phone system can handle the E164 format in a click to dial scenario. We needed to update our dialplan on our phone system to support the idea of 6141xxxxxxx.

There are other vendors that do offer SMS sending from custom objects and Opportunities and have email templates. I will however not be mentioning the company name for ethical reasons. This is not a paid article, nor is it a Twilio vs blah article.

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