Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison held accountable, will be tried for perjury and willful bodily harm

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It is illegal and certainly against any Human Rights laws to enforce something that is known to cause harm to humans. The fact is, there is sufficient information proving that vaccines cause irreversible damage to people being given vaccines.

You may have heard of No Jab, No Play. This is something that was forced on Australians by Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison despite the knowledge of the damage vaccines are doing. The truth is simply being hidden from the public.

Remember as a human being you always have a choice and you do not need to place your children or yourself at risk of serious sickness and disease.

The media refuses to accept that those who have been vaccine damaged, or who have children who will suffer for the remainder of their lives from adverse vaccine events, have a legitimate right to speak their truth rather than being labeled as hysterical or crazy. All of these individuals and parents were pro-vaccine until they or their child became vaccine-injured. Similarly we saw the New York Times manufacturing consent for accepting falsehoods that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. And this was true across the mainstream outlets including the Washington Post, Fox, MSNBC, CNN and others. The Times fabricated that rationale to the public on behalf of the neo-cons in the Bush administration who were determined to have a war. None of the journalists publishing these lies have taken responsibility nor lost a night’s sleep because their fakery led to the death of millions.

Similarly the CDC and the media, which has drunk the vaccine regime’s Kool Aid, is attempting to cast a net around those who oppose their authority by labeling them anti-vaxxers. It is not unlike being opposed to our invasions in Iraq, Libya and Syria and then being accused of being undemocratic and opposed to freedom because that is the moniker the government promoted to initiate its wars and foment regime change. The logic is completely reversed in order to generate and execute a faux public consensus.

Unlike the theatrical charade of America’s political discourse, when narrative directly impacts government-supported private financial interests, such as the pharmaceutical industry sales, then open freedom of speech and debate are smothered. According to Herman-Chomsky,

“the smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow a very lively debate within that spectrum — even encourage the more critical and dissident views.”

This strategy works, according to Herman-Chomsky, when people believe they are actively engaged in the democratic process. However, for controversial issues that directly discredit industries that economically rely upon science, such as genetically modified crops, agricultural pesticides, and pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, the public has no voice. Rather opposition is ridiculed and consent is manufactured in the shadows and through a wide network of media and internet resources to reach the public’s ears.

There is perhaps no other area of so-called scientific progress that has relied upon more deceptive and misleading research and a distortion of facts and statistics than in modern medicine’s religious belief in vaccines as a miracle to protect the world’s population from infectious diseases. The distortion and exclusion of scientific evidence, the reliance upon cherry-picked studies and blatant corruption behind the vaccine research to further vaccination campaigns and compliance inquisitorial assaults on the medical voices of reason who demand honest and open dialogue about vaccine safety and efficacy has turned into a media war.

Popular scientific consensus has yet to tackle the growing uncertainty gap to identify the most probable causes of childhood neurological disorders and increasing rates in asthma, allergies and autoimmune conditions, including the role that toxic vaccine ingredients such as adjuvant aluminum compounds may play in these epidemics. According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT, the autism rate can be projected to reach 1 in 2 boys in the next five years. Unfortunately the Vaccine Deep State is silent over this urgent debate. And even with all the scientific evidence, the mass media continues to parrot the CDC’s mantra that there is no further debate to be pursued as to whether vaccines contribute to neuro-developmental disorders.

If you have read the opinion pieces in the New York Times, Washington Post or listen to television commentators, you will be left with the impression that there are no evidence-based facts to offer a legitimate challenge to the assumption that all vaccines are effective and safe. Nevertheless there is a large group of board certified pediatricians, immunologists, toxicologists and research scientists who have reviewed volumes of peer-reviewed literature to support their criticisms of what the media wants us to believe. But you will never see anyone from this group cited in mainstream publications or invited on multimedia. Rather, the media has created the illusion that only a small group of activist parents and renegade physicians oppose vaccines. In turn, they are attacked with the unfounded charge that they put society’s health at risk.

One recent example occurred in Israel. Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld is one of the most respected immunologists in Israel who now heads a center for autoimmune diseases at Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest hospital. He is also a member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities and serves on the editorial board of dozens of medical journals. Some regard him as “one of the most prominent world experts in autoimmunity.” But now he is being viciously attacked by a group of Israeli doctors who accuse him of being a danger to public health because he has questioned vaccine safety. This group wants Dr. Shoenfeld silenced because he has written extensively on the role of aluminium adjuvants leading to a condition he has called “autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants” or ASIA. Not surprisingly, much of the assault against Dr. Shoenfeld is being fueled by the Vaccine Deep State in the US, primarily by two of the media’s pro-vaccine poster children, Dr. Paul Offit at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and his partner in vaccine propaganda law professor Dorit Reiss at the University of California. Reiss also blogs her opinions to discredit anti-vaccine voices for the Times of Israel and has contributed to fomenting opposition to Dr. Shoenfeld. She is also one of the leading legal supporters for California’s regressive vaccine mandates. Both Offit and Reiss are advocating for Dr. Shoenfeld’s removal from his hospital position and his sitting on medical journal boards.

Dr. Shoenfeld is an example of what happens to any scientist, physician and even journalist who questions vaccination. Therefore, how can we trust anything written about vaccines in the mainstream media? That is the conundrum.

We can ask journalists six basic questions to determine their journalist integrity and honesty.

1) Have you interviewed the leading vaccines critics within the medical community?

2) Have you honestly investigated the scientific literature to review the toxicological evidence about vaccines’ harmful effects?

3) Have you reviewed the actual transcripts of the CDC’s senior immunologist Dr. William Thompson who provided evidence that the MMR is associated with autism yet this was systematically covered up by the agency.

4) Have you reviewed Robert Kennedy Jr’s release of the Simpsonwood meeting transcripts that provided conclusive evidence that the CDC’s own research showed a vaccine mercury-autism connection and this too was intentionally concealed from Congress and the public

5) Have you reviewed the politics behind the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and the subsequent Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to understand how the pharmaceutical industry received a pass to avoid being held legally accountable for vaccine injuries.

6) Have you interviewed and sought documentation from any of the following medical doctors and researchers Drs. Suzanne Humphries, Nancy Banks, Brian Hooker, Lucija Tomljenovic, Lawrence Palevsky, Christopher Exley, Tetyana Obukhanych, among many others Each of these individuals were pro-vaccine before that found reason to explore the actual published science.

This is only the beginning of what needs to be done before citing or interviewing any the most ardent pro-vaccine advocates such as Paul Offit, Senator Richard Pen or Dorit Reiss. And we have yet to find any mainstream journalist whatsoever who has made an effort to investigate any of the above.

To sustain the nation’s vaccination rates, to preserve corporate profits, and to keep Americans convinced that vaccines will protect their children from infectious illnesses, the CDC requires a dynamic marketing and public relations apparatus.

The tentacles of the government’s health agencies are not only wrapped around the mainstream media but also the entertainment industry.

Unknown to the general public and many in the medical profession is the existence of the CDC’s sophisticated public relations operations. Tax dollars are spent to train journalists to defend the federal agencies’ and pharmaceutical industry’s national and state vaccine agendas.

This broad network of journalists are employed by mainstream media companies, magazines and newspapers, and freelancers and provide the CDC with a virtual army of publicists to propagandize its message. Threats, fear-mongering, and outright hatred is written towards vaccine opponents are commonplace in the mainstream journalism’s narratives. What they all share in common is a glaring ignorance or denial of an enormous body of scientific literature that calls the CDC’s lies and deception about vaccine safety into question.

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