Thousands of Passengers Stranded at Sydneys Townhall Station

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Tuesday 9 January 2018

It’s a hot summers day and most people are back at work. Inside townhall station, it’s 35 degrees Celcius with one fan blowing warm air and people are cramped together.

But are we really surprised that Sydney Trains are still not back at work and are operating on holiday timetables? I’m not.

Sydney Trains reported today’s disaster to be related to staff shortages and other incidents. So we can tell someone screwed up and said yes to too many staff taking holidays. It’s a lack of planning and shows weak management at best.

Not only was the morning train 28 minutes late, as usual, we’ve now got thousands of passengers stranded and gridlocked at 6 pm all trying to get home from Central, Townhall and Wynyard Stations. Passengers are just queuing and not really moving anytime soon.

There is also not a single person in sight willing to take responsibility. The usual statement of calling 131 500 has just been said for the millionth time. I wonder when the people of Sydney are going to stand up and say ‘enough is enough’. What exactly are we paying for?

This mode of transport is dated, redundant and is simply very problematic. #SydneyTrains remains the embarrassment of Australia like we’ve mentioned in previous articles.

Sydney, we need to find a better solution to SydneyTrains and the moronic way they operate their train network. For now, im driving and recommend if you want to get somewhere on time you should consider driving too.

I can’t stand by watching the Government profit from less than third world services.

We’ve reached out to Elon Musk and Richard Branson to consider #hyperloop in Sydney as a full replacement to #SydneyTrains network.

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