The Sunken Monkey Erina

The Sunken Monkey may be better known as the Woodport Inn. It’s a popular venue for the young and is often the subject of violent behaviour after 11 PM. Just recently ‘The Sunken Monkey’ at Erina was ranked equal third-worst by NSW Liquor and Gaming on the Violent Venues List. In order to get on this list, the Sunken Monkey has had 16 Violent assaults in just 12 months.

I, as a parent, would not be happy to know my child was at this venue for entertainment on a Saturday night, it’s just too dangerous. We decided that it would be a good idea to attend ‘The Sunken Monkey’ on a Saturday night to see if things are as bad as what some say.

We arrived outside The Sunken Monkey venue at 9 PM and sat out the front watching people come and go, we had a chat to some of the security that were roaming the carpark, and they seemed quite friendly. We did not blow our cover, we posed as 4 people out for the night.

We decided to enter the venue at 10 PM, we had to pay a cover charge and have our ID scanned. I’m personally liking the initiative taken on obtaining the ID of patrons as they enter the venue. A smooth, easy process but I did feel like I was being treated like a criminal having my fingerprint taken as well.

It almost seemed a waste of money or in my terms ‘Sunken Money’. See what I did there. As the nightlife was dead and not much happening.

During this time the bar staff were cleaning and preparing bars ready for service, we walked to one of the bars to be served, only to be ignored by the bar staff for a good 5 minutes before being able to get a drink. This is not something we actually expected and is not the reason we even appeared here. We came to review the real ongoings of the ‘Sunken Monkey’ in relation to their shiny new award for being a top 3 worst by NSW Liquor and Gaming on the Violent Venues List.

11:00 PM to 11:30 PM is when things really started to get going, a large influx of people occurred around this time. Some of an unruly nature who were already intoxicated hitting their mates like it’s the schoolyard.

It was totally inappropriate behaviour for a nightclub but the majority of patrons were having fun and enjoying dancing and talking with friends.

12 midnight saw the first of a few unruly patrons removed from the venue, followed by a fight that broke out around 1 AM, security handled this poorly.

By 2 AM a large crowd left while security did their best to manage the outdoor carpark area and entrance to ensure people left safely and no fights broke out as people were leaving.

This is also a time of slow down for bar staff, it was noticeably harder to purchase a drink and the drink I had just did not taste right. Not actually sure what they were trying to serve me, but it sure was not Canadian Club and Dry.

By 2:30 AM we decided to leave, we were standing outside waiting for an Uber when we were told by Security to move along, we question this and told them we were waiting for an Uber and they should be there to ensure we exited safely. They ignored us and asked us to move along again.

Overall The Sunken Monkey is not worth your money, time or effort visiting. At some point during the night we were not getting the drinks we were paying for and then extremely rude while we waited for our Uber.

Sunken Monkey Pub Violent List

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