The new version of Cadbury Roses are not the crowd pleaser they used to be

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I’ve always thought of Cadbury Chocolate as of poor quality and watered down, but this has really taken the cake. Cadbury takes their okay selling Cadbury Roses and sabotages that too by bringing in a new version of flavours that not many people actually like.

Cadbury has removed Strawberry Crèmes, Orange Crème, Hazelnut Whirls and Classic Fudge to make way for the new flavours. I was given a box of the new Cadbury Roses and yeh they suck. Half the box is still sitting there on the cupboard ready for the bin.

I will not be buying Cadbury Roses for anyone this year, that’s just an insult to a loved one. The worst of them all is the Vanilla Nougat, i tried it and commented that Cadbury would have to pay me to eat it, and I would love to know why they thought they should include more Classic Milk in the box than any other flavour.

The change is evident of cheap ingredients and flecks of flavour, rather than being edible and decadent.

Social media was awash with complaints, with the changes being described as “gross”, “awful” and even “feral”. “Wow, changing these was a big mistake. I won’t be buying again,” another agreed.

It is truly such a shame that they ruined Cadbury Roses months before Christmas.

The new flavours are:

  • Classic Milk – Purple and Silver.
  • Peppermint Créme Crunch – Green with Silver.
  • Hazelnut Swirl – Pink with Silver.
  • Classic Caramel – Light blue with Silver.
  • Caramel Deluxe – Orange with Brown.
  • Hazelnut Créme Crisp – Orange with Silver.
  • Vanilla Nougat – Cream with Brown.
  • White Raspberry – Silver with Pink.

Cadbury Roses Suck

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