The Mad Platter Avoca Beach

We recently organised a stay in Terrigal. As there were no catering services offered we had to either cook on the BBQ provided or outsource our food to a caterer.

Being a special day, we opted to have a few platters delivered by The Mad Platter Avoca Beach. The Mad Platter Avoca Beach offer bespoke platters delivered to your door.

What was surprising was that there was no website and no reviews apart from some very inspiring photos on Instagram and a recommendation from the property owners where we were staying.

We made an enquiry with Le Anne from The Mad Platter Avoca Beach, she was professional and knew exactly what she was talking about.

We went with a customised seafood platter, mussels in a tomato based sauce and to finish, chocolate fudge brownies with a salted caramel ice cream. It was easy to order and Le Anne was flexible enough to cater to our dietary requirements.

The Platters were delivered exactly on time, not a minute early or a minute late and were well presented like the photos on Instagram.

The quality of the seafood was excellent, it was fresh and properly cleaned. The prawns actually had a taste to them, the crab meaty and the oysters were little bursts of the ocean, the smoked salmon was not your run of the mill stuff you find in your local supermarket either.

The seafood platter danced with fruits such as mangoes, rockmelon, honeydew and grapes which were ripe and tasty.

Just a few days prior we ate at a well-known seafood restaurant in Sydney, and we can tell you that the seafood platter from The Mad Platter had something over this Sydney restaurant in terms of quality.

The mussels in tomato base sauce were hot and went down well, with plenty of taste and nothing overpowering.

The Chocolate Fudge Brownies with salted caramel ice cream, unfortunately, became a little too much for us very quickly. Everything was SO SWEET and then SO SALTY there was no relief of freshness or sourness. We found the ice cream supplied to be throwing everything off and not the actual Chocolate Fudge Brownies.

The Mad Platter Avoca Beach is quite possibly one of the Central Coasts best-kept secrets.

We’d highly recommend The Mad Platter Avoca Beach for any occasion and certainly what was presented to us was far beyond what we expected but was everything we hoped for.

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Phone: 0408 678 508

The Mad Platter Avoca Beach

The Mad Platter Avoca Beach

The Mad Platter Avoca Beach