The Burgers Are No Longer Better at Hungry Jacks!

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It’s not really a question, but more of a fact that Hungry Jack’s burgers have gotten a lot smaller and the quality is right out the wahzoo.

Flame grilled burgers you ask, that shit is a lie. The burgers have a painted on grill taste and then microwaved before being served to the customer.

We’ve got photographic evidence of the burgers being heated in a microwave at Hungry Jack’s, including a sign to all staff saying all burgers must be microwaved.

Something trending on the internet right now is a conversation on ozbargain which is hilarious and eye opening.

The Vegan Burger from Hungry Jacks is a damn disgrace. It has no texture or bite, it’s a moosh burger that’s soggy with no taste. Yuk. The Whopper burger now fits in one hand, is bland and dry, with disgusting mayonnaise and bbq sauce. I always feel sick after eating at Hungry Wacks.

The burgers are better at your local takeaway, trust me.

You’ve got to be wack to go back to eating at Hungry Jack’s.

Here is what is advertised, and to the right is what we received.

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