The best Pizza in NSW is not even made by an Italian

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When you think of Pizza and its origins, you won’t be blamed for thinking that Pizza was invented by the Italians. That’s actually not true. It was invented by the Chinese and stolen by the Italians. In fact, pizza is an adaptation of the scallion pancake, brought back to Italy by Marco Polo.

But it also seems that the best Pizza in NSW for 2019 is also not made by the Italians.

If you after a Pizza that has the perfect crust, an excellent amount of topping and supersizes most Large pizzas than you need to get your teeth into a Pizza from Lakemba Pizza, and by the way, Beef salami is way better in taste and quality than its cheap cousin pork salami.

Lakemba Pizza

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Phone: (02) 9740 3235
Address: 81 Haldon St, Lakemba NSW 2195


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