Telstra mobile outage was actually a cyber attack


Telstra’s mobile outage that occurred on the 21/05/2018 affected Australian’s nationwide. The disruption started at approximately 11 am and services were restored by 4 pm.

Telstra tweeted: “Mobile voice and data services have returned to normal levels. We’ll closely monitor network stability and performance and continue supporting our customers to restore their services. We’re again deeply sorry for any disruption as we know how customers rely on our mobile services.”

It appears that so far Telstra has been hesitant to state the reasons this outage occurred. We’ve spoken to an anonymous group about this and there seems to be something that Australian’s are not being told.

“This happens regularly, and these things never get reported, if you are game enough to get the log files yourself from a subscription from ipviking that’s your call.

1. ASD/DSD would have known exactly what would have happened and where it came from.
2. In the past, no such confirmation would ever be given or acknowledgement.
3. No single civilian hacker has the computing power or money to cause this much disruption.
4. A group which will be unheard of will take credit most likely mainly due to it being a non-civilian group such as China’s hacker army, or North Korean cyber espionage.

In the past, there have been particular scripts that have potential to also cause physical damage by overclocking hardware.

Which raises a few questions about the exploding iPhones and Samsung’s, recently also an iPad which allegedly started a fire in a cockpit.

We could list that particular script as it is now declassified and public but that would be publishing a weapon that could kill people. The article you should be writing is who is attacking us and why are we ignoring it.”

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