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Sydney’s Northern Beaches Overvalued and Polluted

The Northern Beaches is heading into a downward spiral, with property values plummeting around 40% or back to values around 15 years ago in 2020 - 2021. The water quality is not good, there is overcrowding on the Northern Beaches and the place is damn grotty.

McGrath Gosford Real Estate Agents

One Agency Neil & Helena Mani

  Opinion When purchasing a house through a real estate agent, you are paying the agent for a service, not the product. So you damn well better be getting great service. Especially when they typically receive around $16,500 commission on a $550,000 sale. It’s a lot of cash for not doing too much. But what do you do when the real estate agent you are dealing with is rude, ignorant and is...

LJ Hooker Cairns Edge Hill

We’ve had the absolute delight in purchasing property through David Hall of recent, and could not say a single bad thing about David. David is genuine and upfront, and very knowledgeable about the area of Cairns. David assisted us through the purchase, recommended a few lawyers to take care of the paperwork and jumped in and took the lead in getting strata to fix a few minor issues found aft...

LSH Electrical Services

Our Experience We recently booked and used the services of LSH Electrical Services to install a Chandelier and Fan (not in the same room by the way) We made our enquiry through their website and received a response approximately 15 minutes later. We were quite happy with that. After a short discussion, we had our quote. It was $150 to install the Chandelier and $90 for the fan. Services Downlights...

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