Sydney’s Northern Beaches Overvalued and Polluted




Why would anyone want to go swimming at Sydney’s Northern Sewers? It’s just not fun having to go to the doctor the following day with some weird skin rash because we all thought it was okay to swim in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

There is a lot that people aren’t telling you. The water boss says that the beaches and water quality are important to the residents and outsiders, and we know why. Everyone who owns a house in Sydney’s Northern Beaches is fucking banking on it! Knowing that the water quality is closer to sewer than drinkable would destroy the land and property value.

You cannot value a location purely on the fact it’s near a damn beach, people who are quite frankly suburbs away from the beach are still paying bullshit high prices. Australia needs to get back to REALITY and stop being stupid SHEEPLE.

The Northern Beaches is heading into a downward spiral, with property values plummeting around 40% or back to values around 15 years ago in 2020 – 2021. If you are looking at houses or units on the Northern Beaches that are priced around $700,000 you probably should put an offer in at $400,000 and leave it at that. If they’re not willing to negotiate walk away. There are cleaner suburbs for fewer dollars.

The water quality is not good, there is overcrowding on the Northern Beaches and the place is damn grotty. We showed up to a park on a Saturday for a simple picnic, but guess what? The council had closed the park due to a salmonella outbreak. The irony is that the Northern Beaches have a beach called Freshwater, it’s named that to remind you and make you think that it is. Ohh please!

“A PLAYGROUND on the northern beaches has been closed after two children became sick with salmonella after playing in the sandpit. The children caught the infection, believed to be spread through contact with bandicoot droppings, after playing at Warriewood Valley Rocket Park in Casuarina Drive”

This is not a once-off issue, this happened twice in one year and then again a few years prior, where council replaced the sand at the cost of $140,000 only for the issue to resurface.”children’s playgrounds were closed on Sydney’s Northern Beaches after a rare form of salmonella, paratyphi B var java, normally linked to tropical fish, made dozens of toddlers seriously ill”

“Hitchcock Park at Avalon and Winnererremy Bay at Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches have been fenced off for the second time this year, while a third South Avalon playground has not re-opened since May”


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