Sydney Trains questionable health standards, putrid toilet smell when boarding carriage


Sydney Trains already offer a minimal service and even then it’s of poor standard. But nothing can take the focus off, boarding a train carriage where all you smell is a putrid public toilet smell.

Quite often when boarding morning and afternoon services there are not any seats available and the carriage so full some people are forced to stand near the toilets.

I really do feel sorry for the people having to stand near the toilets, because you can often smell the putrid toilet smell from further inside the carriage as well.

How much worse are we as the public going to allow things to get before we say enough is enough?

Sydney Trains already don’t run services on time, do not announce when trains will be running late unless they are over 10 minutes late already, no announcements when a train stops in the middle of nowhere and no longer apologise for a train running late, they do however rub it in your face when a train runs on time, which happens rarely anyway.

To be honest, considering these third world conditions on the trains, I value the train service at about $1.25 one way and $2.50 return, no matter who you are.

Sydney Trains Toilets

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    Yesterdays Central Coast to Central train 7:47am was exactly this you could smell the toilets for carriages, even before you boarded the carriage. I’m not sure what Sydney Trains are thinking


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