Sydney Trains and Transport NSW Investing in wrong areas of business

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Sydney Trains and Transport NSW have been investing in areas of the Transport system that don’t really matter at this point in time.

Making it easier for customers to pay while still having a shocking service shows how wrong Transport NSW are and how twisted their priorities are.

Transport NSW latest roll out and change to the Opal network has not been welcomed by passengers. You can now pay by credit card or debit card instead of an Opal card, you won’t receive any discounts for 8 trips and your train may still be late, cancelled or over packed with people.

It’s also worth noting that the changes to the Opal system to allow passengers to pay by credit and debit card were not brought in to benefit the public, but to benefit Transport NSW and the Government.

The public care about trains arriving on time, and not causing the public to be delayed and late. 70% of passengers surveyed did not care about being able to pay by credit and debit card.

The areas that are in urgent need of investment are:

  • New Trains
  • Updated Track Infrastructure
  • Track Redundancy Routes
  • Customer Service Training
  • Disaster Planning and Training
  • Recruitment of new train drivers
  • New uniforms for staff, similar to airlines
  • Higher standards that customer-facing staff must adhere to
  • Better safety measures in place to protect passengers

Instead, taxpayer dollars are being wasted on areas such as:

  • Educating passengers on how to be courteous
  • Warning passengers to pay their tickets or else
  • Programs such as Quiet Carriages and Quiet Platforms
  • Expanding the network where no redundancy has been designed and included
  • Updating payment systems with features no one really cares about
  • Overpaying of salaries to management

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