Sydney siders stranded as Sydney Trains announce no trains running from Platforms 1 to 12


It has only been 19 days since the last entire Sydney Trains meltdown occurred. We called for Howard Collins to resign then, and we still mean it.

How on earth can one single train interrupt 12 platforms of services. That’s not 12 services that’s about 96 services non running.

The reality is that people really just want to get home, not find an alternative way home. Of course we can also expect Uber to surge prices too, making it that tad more unaffordable.

There is one problem with this situation, Sydney Trains staff are telling people to find alternative ways home, not taking any responsibility to help passengers who were intending on using train services down and back from Sydney.

Sydney Trains services are too unreliable for people to consider this as a mode of transport.

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