Sydney siders moving to the Central Coast warned not to expect much when it comes to dining out

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When making the decision to move to the Central Coast you might be all wrapped up with the idea of being close to the beaches and the price of houses a bit more affordable than Sydney prices.

All this soon fades away when you realise that when it’s a great day for the beach, everyone else is doing the same and the beaches are packed. You soon forget about the beach and get your own pool.

Dining out is drab with very little choice and generally of mediocre quality in terms of food quality and service. They make a Bunnings sausage sizzle look great.

The operating hours of these cafes and restaurants may not be what you expect, most cafes and restaurants actually do not open on a Sunday, yep that’s right, or if they do expect them to be open from 10 AM to about 2 PM.

The Central Coast is rife with chain restaurants such as McDonalds, Hungry Jacks, Dominos, Subway, Chicken shops and too many bad Indian and Chinese restaurants.

What is done poorly on the Central Coast is traditional French and Seafood Restaurants. You can’t even get a great Kebab here.

You would think to be so close to the water that the Central Coast would have some iconic Seafood restaurant by now, but no the closest is a fish and chip shop that pimps out a Seafood platter for $40 with a few oysters chucked amongst the deep fried cheap foods.

If you a vegetarian there are about 3 places on the Central Coast that you can eat at without having to order something and take the meat off.

Over the last 9 years, we’ve visited many of the Cafes and Restaurants on the Central Coast only to find a common thread among all, staff with bad attitudes, poor work ethic and poor hygiene standards. So bad that the Central Coast is in the top 3 of the Name and Shame register.

Right now Tokyo Raman in Erina has 2x penalties listed against them for

There are countless times where we’ve ordered and specified an allergy, they take it as a joke and in the end, we need to refuse the food.

I still travel back to Sydney 5 days a week, and I can tell you that it’s day and night between Cafes and Restaurants in Sydney compared to the Central Coast.

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