Sushi Miho Erina Fair

Sushi Miho Erina Fair has some of the worst Sushi we’ve ever eaten.

We visited Sushi Miho at 10:30 am thinking stuff would be fresh and good quality. We were wrong.

The fish cake sticks were disgusting, the texture just wrong and they were very very oily. We regret buying 4x of these sticks (2x for us and 2x for the bin).

You cannot normally go wrong with crab claws but these had no flavour at all and continued the theme of too oily.

Dangerously the crab claws had the claw inside the ball of crab no where to be seen making it a hazard to the teeth, lips and a choking hazard.

We’re feeling sick by now and were better off going to McDonalds.

We ordered 2x Salmon Sushi Rolls, they weirdly had a lot of mayonaisse inside the rolls, the rice a little on the too wet side, fell apart when eating and overall a complete turn off.

We also ordered 2x Prawn Sushi Rolls, the crumbed prawn was again oily and no flavour. The rice too wet.

When asked why they had mayonaisse in there Sushi Rolls as it is not the traditional way Sushi is made they offered to make us some properly.

At least the Salmon was cut properly unlike another store we visited in Tuggerah where they cut the Salmon against the grain making the Salmon chewy and tough.

Sushi Miho serve a non traditional style Sushi, suffer from a small range of ingredients and most products we encounteted were just poor quality.

It was in no way worth the $40 we paid.