Starbucks yet to milk a profit in Australia. Stores will probably close 2021.

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Starbucks made a loss of $5.04 million dollars this financial year in Australia. It’s surprising that Starbucks has not yet turned a profit despite how expensive their drinks are.

See, there is little appeal for Starbucks, they are too clinical for our own backyard. Plus we already have awesome cafes that have actual food. That’s right, I don’t go to a cafe to drink a coffee and eat some cheap-ass banana bread, nor do I want my drink looking like and trying to taste like a Tim Tam.

My biggest issue is the amount of sugar syrup that goes into these drinks, I started off with a simple coffee and now have a concoction of hazelnut syrup, cream and little ice. The drink that is supposed to be COLD and ICY is, in fact, warm with the ice melted and watery. Nice try but no thanks.

I have managed to visit Starbucks about 3 times in my life and each time I didn’t want to be there, it was only to meet family or friends briefly.

The owners of the Australian franchise’s believe they can turn this all around, I don’t think so. I have seen the poster advertising already telling the masses that Starbucks is now better, try us again. They never mentioned how they improved and when I did drop-in, I didn’t notice a single difference. Maybe they meant that the coffee is now better, but the service still sucks and we still do not have food either.

Starbucks Concoction

This is not my idea of a drink

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