Standing Desk Glossary and FAQ

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The recent upsurge in the popularity of standing desks has sparked an increase in queries about the subject. Everyone, it seems, is suddenly interested in finding out what standing desks are, and how much of an impact they can make on their health and business.

In this article, we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions about standing desks (or sit-stand desks) and provided answers to them. We’ve made it as detailed as possible so that it can be good enough to guide your purchasing decision.


What do you call a standing desk?

Standing desks, as the name implies, are height-adjustable desks that rise and fall to the individual’s preferred height. Most users of the term “standing desk” mean a workstation with a mechanism to raise or lower the desk. The mechanisms can be electric, hand crank, hydraulic, or spring assisted.

What are the types of standing desks available?

The four main types of standing desks are manual sit-stand desks, electric sit-stand desks, fixed standing desks, and adjustable standing desk converters.

What are standing desks used for?

A standing desk allows you to write, read, or perform desk jobs while standing or sitting on a high stool.

What does LOC mean on a standing desk?

LOC is an error code that appears on the display of standing desks when the columns are unable to move up or down.

Do standing desks make a difference?

It can make a difference to switch from a standard desk to a standing one. Scientists are currently examining the depth of the health differences between sitting and standing, although some data suggest that standing instead of sitting burns eight more calories each hour.

Is a standing desk better than sitting?

The short answer is yes. A study published in the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology (2017) discovered that standing for 6 hours per day rather than sitting can help you lose weight. This activity is expected to burn an additional 54 calories per day for a 143-pound person.

How do I choose a standing desk?

The most important thing to check before choosing a standing desk is if it fits you. Beyond that, you can check its features and verify that it is the right size for your workspace.

Are standing desks ergonomic?

Yes, because it allows the user to move around during the day. Back discomfort and other health problems can result from sitting for long periods. Also read our guide to standing desk ergonomics.

Do I need a height-adjustable desk?

If you work in a shared workstation where there are people of different heights, or you’d like the chance to switch positions between sitting and standing while working, a height-adjustable desk is a great option for you.

How much weight should a standing desk hold?

This would depend on your preferences. Standing desks with a higher weight capacity can accommodate a couple of monitors, some laptops, and even a few personal knick-knacks comfortably. On the flip side, they tend to be heavier and less portable and may damage the floor of your workstation. Ideally, between 120kg and 150kg is recommended.

Are standing desks overrated?

While standing desks do provide a range of useful features and benefits, they appear to be a little overrated, in terms of the significance of their attributes.

Is working while standing good?

Absolutely. Working while standing can improve your mood and energy levels, give you a health boost, and improve your productivity. Having said that, standing all day can be dangerous to your health. 

Do standing desks help with posture?

As well as strengthening your core muscles, standing while working helps strengthen your leg muscles, ankle muscles, and foot muscles, too. The added benefits of standing while working include improved posture and balance. Good posture will strengthen your muscles and improve your coordination.

What does ASR mean on a stand-up desk?

ASR is an error code that means that you need to reset the standing desk. To do this, hold down the “down arrow” button until the desk gets to its lowest point and then rebounds.

Should I unplug my standing desk?

Standing desks consume a negligible amount of electricity, so unplugging them to save power may be unnecessary. Besides, a power loss will clear most standing desks’ saved height positions or force a height recalibration.

Do standing desks help productivity?

A standing desk encourages mobility and exercise, which may improve your overall productivity. Exercise can boost our vitality and help us fight fatigue. It also aids in stress reduction and mood enhancement. We are more productive when we are joyful and energized.

Can a standing desk cause back pain?

Standing desks do tend to cause back pain if not used properly. A recent study by the University of Waterloo found that nearly half of people who use a standing desk are at risk of back pain.

Can standing desks help you lose weight?

Standing desks can help you lose small amounts of weight, but they cannot be relied upon to fight obesity. However, those small amounts can add up to something significant in the long run.

How often should you stand at a standing desk?

Standing at a standing desk for no more than 30 minutes per hour is advised. This will allow your body to reap the benefits of standing without jeopardizing your health. Standing desks are vital for working in a healthy manner that does not harm your body or mind.

How wide should a standing desk be?

The conventional desk measurements are 29.5 inches in height, 60 inches in width (or five feet), and 30 inches in depth.

How are standing desks powered?

An electric adjustable-height standing desk is driven by precision linear motor drives and can be adjusted in height at the touch of a button. They outperform most manually-operated desks in terms of speed, convenience, and performance, although they are more expensive than their crank-driven counterparts.

Do standing desks help with carpal tunnel?

Ergonomically constructed equipment is the finest carpal tunnel syndrome treatment. Ergonomics is important in preventing repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome. To improve your working environment, invest in ergonomic equipment such as a standing desk, ergonomic keyboards, and a mouse.

Is a sit/stand desk necessary?

Sit-stand desks should be an essential feature of your workspace given the benefits and features they offer.

How much weight can an UpLift desk hold?

The UpLift V2 standing desk can hold up to an impressive 355 pounds of weight.

How much does an UpLift desk weigh?

This would depend on the model and weight capacity of the desk. 

What is the best standing desk length?

A two-person workstation should be 60 to 72 inches long and 90 to 126 inches deep. A primary desk should have a length of 60 to 72 inches and a depth of 60 to 84 inches. Without additional room, a basic workstation should be 42 to 52 inches long and 60 to 72 inches deep.

What is the best standing desk size?

Standing desks are available in a range of sizes, but the most common is 48 to 72 inches broad and 24-36 inches deep. It’s always a great idea to have the largest freestanding desk you can get if you have the space.

What motors are used in standing desks?

Standing desks may have an electric or pneumatic motor. Standing desk electric motors may be single or dual.

Which is better a pneumatic or electric standing desk?

For the modern office worker who loves diversity and change, pneumatic standing desks are the perfect alternative. They’re simple to put together and move around without the need for cords or power plugs, giving you complete control over your workspace.  Pneumatic standing desks are superior to electric standing workstations in terms of speed. On the other hand, electric standing desks require less exertion to operate.

Can you replace the motor on a standing desk?

Yes. A standing desk motor can be replaced, however genuine replacement components are difficult to come by. A universal standing desk motor can also be used, or the entire leg can be replaced for a quick and straightforward solution.

How can I prevent carpal tunnel at my desk?

Organize Your Workspace. Your forearms and wrists must be aligned if you want to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’re using a computer, make sure you have a balanced grip on your mouse rather than a strong one. When using a mouse, curling your hand upwards or downwards can be dangerous.

How often should I switch between sitting and standing?

According to a recent study from the University of Waterloo, the optimal standing-to-sitting time ratio is between 1:1 and 3:1. This implies you should stand for at least one hour for every hour you sit, and ideally for up to three hours for every hour you sit. To put it another way, in an 8-hour workday, you should try to stand for 4 to 6 hours.

How much do standing desk converters weigh?

The most lightweight standing desk is a standing desk converter, which typically weighs between 25 and 35 pounds. You don’t have to worry about structural weight because standing desk converters simply exist to raise your workstation. A smaller desk area is frequently placed on top of an existing workstation.

How do I stop my standing desk from wobbling?

Cross support, tightening screws, and weight control can all help to alleviate standing desk wobbles. The amount of wobbling could be caused by low-quality materials or uneven surfaces. Buying and installing desk wedges is one of the simplest ways to prevent wobbling.

How do you calibrate a standing desk?

You can easily reset your standing desk by holding down the down arrow until it reaches the lowest height, then pressing the down button again for a few seconds, until the LED flashes.

Are standing desks loud?

No. The majority of electric standing desks function between 45-60 decibels, while the average is 60 decibels. The operational sound of these desks will likely go unnoticed if they are employed in a workplace with regular discussions and phone calls.

Why is my stand up desk not working

It’s possible that the control box cycle is broken. It’s possible that the desk’s power wires were not properly secured. The standing desk’s legs may be unequal. There can be some obstacles in the way.

How long do standing desks last?

A well-built pneumatic desk made of commercial-grade materials can survive for 30 years or longer, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Where should a standing desk be positioned?

Maintaining a 90-degree angle with your elbows and your screen at, or just below, eye level is an excellent tip to follow for standing desk posture and height.

How do you set up a standing desk?

Standing desks are pretty easy to assemble and set up. The majority of them offer handy resources in terms of users manuals and videos to help you complete the set-up process easily and quickly. 

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