Sound waves can extinguish fires, so why are we wasting water?

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Sound waves can extinguish fires, so why are we wasting water?

In 2015 a discovery was made by two Engineering seniors Viet Tran and Seth Robertson from George Mason University. What the pair discovered was that bass sound waves at a particular frequency put out a fire. That’s right no water needed.

That discovery could really help Australia right now. We have a dilemma, the majority of Australia is burning and we’re also running low on water, we’ve used thousands of litres of water and we cannot afford to continue to do that. We can’t use seawater as pumps and pipes don’t like the salt, also salt is devastating to bushland.

The answer seems to be sound waves.

I’d like to know why the Australian Government is not investing or even looking into other technology to extinguish fires?


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