Smokin Joe’s Pizza & Grill – Glen Waverley


Smokin Joe’s Pizza and Grill in Glen Waverly is a Pizza & Grill place that we’ve tried and tested on multiple occasions.

We’d like to say good things about this place, unfortunately, the quality and experience are never consistent. Our first, third and fourth visit saw us receive soft, doughy pizza that was not really edible. Ribs overcooked on multiple occasions, some with some black char.

We’ve contacted Smokin Joes management to mention these issues, only to be told that there was nothing wrong with the Pizza, In fact, so bad that we ended up ordering from Dominos for better quality and better service. (this is in no way a plug for Domino’s Pizza. We’re just saying that even Dominos was better then Smokin Joe’s Glen Waverly.

New management and some new attitudes might turn around Smokin Joes Pizza and Grill Glen Waverly.

Contact Details

Address: 700 High Street Road, Glen Waverley
Phone: (03) 8833 0204