School bullying is best resolved by taking legal action. A parent’s guide


My nephew, who is 6 years old came home from school yesterday and said he was in pain and his kidneys hurt because a student had pulled him aside and kicked him. That’s right a victim of schoolyard bullying where the school and the parent of the bully are held responsible legally.

It naturally angered me, but I did have a look into the legalities to find that Schools owe an implicit duty of care to their students.

This duty extends to students on school premises and at events or grounds where the children are under the care, control and supervision of the staff members of the school, including excursions, camps and sporting activities. But I also know that parents are legally responsible for their child’s actions.

Instead of wasting time calling up the school and complaining about bullying, I’m just going to get my lawyer to write a letter threating legal action if this should occur again.

This is the best way to deal with bullying as it forces the caretaker which is the school to take their role more seriously and provides the parents of the bully a serious ultimatum.

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