Retail sales continue to decline while staff at Autograph Erina Fair call customers FAT

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A Central Coast resident sized 6 spotted an amazing looking top in the window of Autograph in Erina Fair, a plus size clothing store.

To her dismay, she walked into Autograph Erina Fair and asked to be pointed to where the top in the window was located only to have the customer assistant respond “you are not fat enough to be in this shop, you should leave.”

“you are not fat enough to be in this shop, you should leave.”

Now, this is not that unusual for this type of store on the Central Coast. We have experienced similar where if you are not the size they are selling they ignore you or give you limited responses. We’d like to know how they know that we are not shopping for someone else, or prefer wearing larger clothing for comfort?

Our poor experiences came from Autograph in Gosford and Tuggerah. Both stores are now closed.

In a time where retail sales are not doing well with most retail stores struggling to stay afloat and Online sales increasing by 34% last year, consumers are preferring the online sales model for more than just convenience.

Shopping online allows us to avoid poor customer service, rude attitudes and having to wade through other people in the shopping malls. It also does away with having to employee junior retail assistants. It effectively means fewer jobs but it’s at their own peril that consumers are flocking to online.

When I walk into a retail store and see lots of staff working (or standing around), I know the product I am about to purchase is overpriced. Calculated in the sale price of the product are the wages for all these staff. That is exactly why retail is not appealing to me, why am I paying people for bad service?

If I could order my food online without any human interaction in the purchasing and cooking process I would do exactly that. It is amazing how unthoughtful retail assistants can be.

June Brackley: “I had the same type of comment said to me in Autograph at Castle Hill, but not put so bluntly. After trying on a couple of tops, the sales lady said I was too narrow across the shoulders for their clothing, so to go elsewhere.”

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