Research shows that around a quarter of a typical Hungry Jacks burger contains no filling

Hungry Jacks Burger


All bun is not much fun. Latest research is showing that a typical Hungry Jacks burger is around a quarter empty with no filling at all.

We were quite surprised to hear that the burgers were sometimes around a quarter empty, although we did know the burgers often contained too much sauce. The problem becomes more noticeable when you start ordering burgers with no meat, you actually see what you are not getting for your money, and that is value.

The report suggests that the problem is the burger bun being too large, a meat patty and a hashbrown do not come close to touching the edges of these super-sized buns.

The report also found that mileage varies per store when paying for extra toppings such as tomato, beetroot and lettuce. Some stores gave a single slice of tomato for 50 cents, while other stores that research was carried out on gave 3 slices of tomato for the same 50 cents.

In fact here is an insight on how some recent photos were taken of some of the Hungry Jacks burgers. You know there is a problem when the photographers have to shove all the ingredients to the front of the burger to make it appealing. It’s deceptive marketing.

Hungry Jacks Burgers Half Full

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