Red Rooster Tuggerah Serve Customer Raw Chicken

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A customer visited Red Rooster Tuggerah Straight on the 23/08/2018 at around 6:25 PM to purchase dinner. Anne purchased their famous Roast Chicken in hope of saving a bit of time and avoiding some of the hassles after a busy day.

After getting home and opening the Chicken, Anne realised that the chicken was still raw. Not amused with the situation Anne called Red Rooster at Tuggerah Straight and complained, “Red Rooster at Tuggerah really couldn’t care less about the problem” says Anne.

“I then had to threaten to forward the photos to head office, where the manager said that he’d be interested to see the photos”.

The attitude taken by the manager at Red Rooster Tuggerah Straight is actually not OK on any level, this family was now put out, had to waste further time and further money to buy something else whilst trying to resolve what should have been a straightforward purchase of Roast Chicken.

We are not surprised that this has come from a Central Coast store, the standards of food and service are poor on the coast anywhere you go, happy to take your money, but don’t really care about the customer, and when you have a complaint look out, they will be happy to make you look like you are in the wrong.

We don’t eat out on the Coast for these reasons, and when we do it’s to purely review a place. The standards are just not there in many locations to validate paying over $80 for dinner only for it to be of poor quality.

Red Rooster is an established counter-serve chain specialising in roast chicken, plus burgers, chips and salads.

Red Rooster Tugerah Straight

Red Rooster Tuggerah Straight

Contact Details

Address: 184 Pacific Hwy, Tuggerah NSW 2259
Phone: (02) 4355 4270

Monday 10am–9pm
Tuesday 10am–9pm
Wednesday 10am–9pm
Thursday 10am–10pm
Friday 10am–10pm
Saturday 10:30am–9pm
Sunday 10:30am–9pm

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