Radio Rentals Erina Fair


We’ve had quite a lot of experiences with Radio Rentals Erina Fair over the last 4 years and none of the experiences have been great.

Our biggest gripe with Radio Rentals Erina Fair is just how poor the service is, and when you need something from them good luck they don’t care about the customer once you have signed that contract.

We stupidly went with a Rent Try Buy on an entertainment package which included TV, Amplifier and Speakers. Part of the service is that they deliver and set up your items for you.

Well, this did not happen, Radio Rentals delivered the items, placed the boxes in the lounge room and then left, a few days later I installed then TV, Amplifier and Speakers only to find that the remote did not work. No service on a weekend, on Wednesday our TV was changed over.

A few months down the track we receive a letter from Radio Rentals advising that they have been consistently over billing me and that I was owed $128. Please come into the store to pick up your payment the letter reads.

The next weekend I make the trip to the Erina store. Customer service entered something into the computer and said a cheque will be posted out next week for you. It was literally a waste of time, I did not need to go to the store what so ever they could have just saved me the time by sending the cheque with the letter.

A few months down the track I start getting phone calls to collect because I was $8.27 behind on a payment. Are these clowns for real? It just cost them more in wages and the phone call. I told them to piss off and hung up like any normal Australian would.

Today’s issue shows absolute disregard for the customer. A letter was sent out advising that once again they have over billed and needed to refund $170. Please come instore.

We drive up and advise that we are here to collect the $170. We were then told that we needed to call up first and get it approved by the manager and since the manager is not in until Monday that we should simply come back Monday.

Nowhere in the letter did it say to call first, and why am I getting an approval from a manager when it is our own money? Additional to this I’m not available during the week. ‘Sorry we cannot help you’ is the only response we were getting from Radio Rentals Erina Fair.

So we demand that they fix the issue now, at this point we’re still getting ‘Sorry we cannot help you’. We start getting angry and then walk out. 10 minutes later we get a phone call that a cheque will be sent out and nothing else needed to be done.

No one should have to yell and scream just to get the service they deserve, seriously.