Point Clare Chinese Take Away allegedly recycled food as used toothpick found in rice

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Wednesday the 26th September 2018, A woman from Tascott allegedly found a used toothpick in her fried rice. While there are a number of ways a used toothpick could have found its way into food, the most common is through recycled food.

That’s right, when one customer does not finish their fried rice, sticks their used toothpick in the food when done, the fried rice is then reheated and served to the next customer.

Not only is recycling food completely unethical, against every law in Australia, it’s also how people get seriously sick with bugs such as Heliobacter.

The woman from the Central Coast of NSW said: “I was utterly stunned & simultaneously sick to my stomach when I pulled out a USED TOOTHPICK from the middle of our special fried rice!!!! We will never purchase another skerrick of food from POINT CLARE CHINESE RESTAURANT again. We rang the restaurant immediately & of course, they have no idea how it got there?!?!? We were advised to return the fried rice for a full refund of our meal. (We had spent just over $60.00). Upon returning, we were given $10.00 for the cost of the fried rice – probably what we had spent in time, energy & petrol, going back & forth. What I found most distressing, is that we were about to serve this rice to a 3 year old. The chef could only grin & shrug his shoulders when informed of this.”

The right thing to do would be to refund the entire meal, typically most Asians don’t do that and try to give away as little as possible, despite being in the wrong. It’s easier for them to spin off a ‘I’m so solly’ than to give you anything back.

I say this from experience when we were eating out at a Korean BBQ and found a shard of GLASS in a piece of capsicum, the only response from the staff was litterally ‘I’m so solly’.

Point Clare Chinese Takeaway  Point Clare Chinese Takeaway

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