Not an Amazon Prime member yet? You’re missing out on some serious value for money

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If you are not yet an Amazon Prime member you are missing out on some serious value for money.

I’ve been using Netflix for about 2 years now, during this time I’ve gotten bored of the Australian content
hacked it using VPN and made Netflix display US Content. Got bored of that too and went back to the Australian Content.

I’ve got friends from Germany staying with us at the moment, they don’t speak a lot of English. So I jumped on Netflix to find a Movie and change the subtitles to German. Wait, I forgot Netflix doesn’t have any Movies with German subtitles, only TV Shows and quite shit shows at that.

So I checked out Google Play Movies, nope.. unless you want to watch YET ANOTHER HITLER MOVIE. Germans don’t want to be watching Hitler Movies, that’s not what they do back at home trust me. It’s also not what modern day Germans are known for. It’s more of an insult than anything.

My quest to find Movies with German subtitles lead me to join Amazon Prime for a 30-day trial. I opened the Movies section and I found plenty of movies with German Audio, German Subtitles, English Subtitles, English Audio amongst other languages supported.

The volume of content on Amazon Prime is amazing, it’s not just Movies but TV Shows and e-books. Amazon Prime rivals if not beats Netflix hands down. The only drawback so far is that I have not been able to Chrome Cast Amazon Prime content, but I will solve this shortly.

I’m canceling Netflix after this month and moving to something better. Amazon Prime.

I was almost subjected to searching the dark web for illegal movie content despite paying for a subscription service like Netflix to provide content. Netflix content restrictions and certainly the LACK OF subtitles and audio language choices is enough for me to walk away. I get it that not everyone has a need for a different language or subtitles on movies and shows, but you are not getting any value for money with Netflix when you compare content as well.

The value proposition of Amazon Prime is crazy. It’s $6.99 per month. As an Introductory offer $4.99 offer until 31 Jan 2019. That’s a few bucks cheaper than Netflix, I get access to more movies and more content than Netflix.

Also access to e-books as well. Being an Amazon Prime member also gives you free 2-day shipping on locally purchased items from the store, and cheaper International shipping charges.

An Amazon Prime membership easily pays for itself if you intend on buying on just a few times a year. All this came out of my quest to find movies with German subtitles and I’m happy about that.

Disclaimer: No I do not work for Amazon, and no I do not get kickbacks or paid for writing this. This is purely my experience. For the record, I do own an Alexa Dot and a Google Home device and use both on a daily basis. I’m still not sure which one is better.

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Chet Carter is an IT Professional of 22 years, but has worked with a range of businesses giving him in-depth understanding of many different industries. Chet Carter is a business owner but shares his knowledge and experience through posts like these.

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