Merrylands Rehab Center

Merrylands Rehab Center comes highly recommended from a few of my work colleagues, but I did not just take their word for it. I personally have a bulging disc and while I have sort treatment from a more local physiotherapist, I felt like I was not really getting anywhere fast.

So I made an appointment at Merrylands Rehab Center, 3 days later I was attending my first session. Right from the word go I felt they cared. They took the time to understand my issue, what I have previously found to be limitations to what I could manage as far as exercises and they went from there.

I was massaged and stretched and then shown how to do a whole set of new exercises properly. Yes, I left feeling a little sore, but the next day starting feeling a bit better with some improved movement. You’re not going to see instant results at any physio session but have had significant improvement in movements and pain management since first visiting Merrylands Rehab Center.

Something I did not expect was that a week later I received a call checking in to see how I was going. That’s not exactly something you experience with doctors these days.

I’m now on my 5th session and have since cancelled with my local physiotherapist. I’d highly recommend Merrylands Rehab Center to family and friends, just like it was recommended to me.

Contact Details

Address: Shop 3/126 Merrylands Rd, Merrylands NSW 2160
Phone: (02) 9637 5708 / (02) 9637 5708