Melbourne Cup 2019 : The best thing you can do is not participate

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Melbourne Cup 2019. It’s a pathetic little race that lasts 2 minutes, yet it does so much damage.

I’m not going to bang on about how many horses die as a result of the Melbourne Cup each year.

I will say however, 3 horses from the Melbourne Cup 2018 race needed to be put down shortly after the race, one died of a heart attack when frightened by a teenager.

I can only wonder how many horses will die from Melbourne Cup 2019.

The best thing we can do is not participate or support Melbourne Cup any further.

Yes it’s fun dressing up, yes it’s a great excuse to cut off work early and drink and gamble, but at the expense of another’s life? Do you think that animal cruelty is okay?

The point is, there are other sports we could watch or physically participate in that goes for longer than 2 minutes.

It’s not impressive when you last 2 minutes in the bedroom, nor is it on the track. Let’s stop this weird obsession known as the Melbourne Cup.

We need to be ‘ The nation that stops the race.’

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