McDonald’s customers stuck in drive thru for over 20 minutes only to find out it was cash only

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Driving past McDonald’s this morning, there was a considerable queue, but being hungry and knowing how fast queues normally move at McDonald’s I made that stupid mistake of joining the queue.

5 minutes into my wait and eventually getting to the speaker box to shout my order, I was told that it was cash only and that they would take my order at the last window.

I was extremely pissed off because I have been CASHLESS for over 3 years, I simply do not carry cash on me and of course, there was no way for me to exit the queue I was now stuck in the middle, 24 minutes later I was out the other end of the queue.

It’s poor handling on McDonald’s behalf, they knew their card systems were down before I joined the start of the queue, the right thing to do is have a sign letting people know, or have someone stand out there and advise people before they join the queue that it’s cash only.

It gives the person an opportunity to drive off without being hindered for the next 20 minutes in a queue only to come out the other end empty-handed.

Thanks, McDonald’s you just earned yourself another 6-month suspension. Every time a place screws up I will either never return or I will not return for a set period of time depending on how big the screw up is.


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