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We knew that McDonald’s sales were on a big decline, but we didn’t think it was this bad. Customers of the Maroochydore McDonald’s have to actually pay and use a code on the bottom of the receipt all just to use the toilet.

That’s right, there’s a  sign attached to the toilet door and read: “Toilets proudly provided for the use of McDonald’s customers. Code on bottom of receipt.”

Apart from the reality that “you’ve got to go when you’ve got to go”, it’s quite Un-Australian to be doing this. More often then not if I stop at a place and use their toilet I feel slightly compelled to buy something on the way out as thanks.

I like to walk into a restaurant, go to the toilet and wash my hands first, and then order. What the fuck am I supposed to do now, order and pay, get my food, leave it on the table and walk to the toilet and hope my food is still there by the time I come back? Or do I order and pay, walk to the toilet and miss when my number is called out?

I’m actually finding it simpler to just avoid McDonald’s and buy elsewhere, their stupidity is really starting to annoy me and many Australians.

I don’t have a problem with McDonald’s requiring a purchase to use the toilets, I do however have a problem with them fucking someone’s day and holding them up before they have to go to the toilet.

The reality is that the queue to purchase something could be long with a wait of 10 minutes or more and then what do you do. I’d probably advise people to take a dump on the floor and leave.

Maroochydore McDonalds Toilet

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