Matt Canavan in dole line asking for a hand out



Matt Canavan, failed and would be cricketer somehow ended up being Australia’s Federal Resources Minister. Matt Canavan seemingly has the wrong attitude to be able to do a proper job, in fact Matt Canavan is letting Australia down.

Matt Canavan’s comments of last year advised students “Walking off school and protesting, you don’t learn anything from that.
“The best thing you learn about going to a protest is how to join the dole queue because that’s what your future life will look like.
“Up in a line asking for a handout, not actually taking charge of your life and getting a real job.”

The irony here Matt Canavan, is that these students are taking charge of their life and their future. If you were doing your job these students would not need to ‘stop learning’.

The reason Matt Canavan is not doing his job is that he has an ulterior motive, the people who funded Matt Canavan and friends were people from the mining and fossil fuels industries.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said this week the nation needed “more learning in schools and less activism”. Scott’s not wrong, even the Prime Minister could do with going back to school and learning about climate change because clearly he knows fuck all on the subject.

I think we can all agree that life after politics for such an asshole like Matt Canavan will likely result in Matt being in the dole line asking for a handout.

Remember, I’m the one who goes to work to pay your fucking wage, and if I so choose to NOT have a moron like you in power I will remove you. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise.

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    Ahh we all know that Matt Canavan was a school drop out, that could not make the cricket team. Not sure how he got into resource management. Seems very clueless on the climate change issues.


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