Mad Legger

Mad Legger is the Gold Coast Furniture Leg Specialist. They are located in Nerang on the Gold Coast and ship their products Australia wide.

We’ve built a fair few wood DIY projects over the years, including fencing, dog houses, and tables. We were recently asked to take a look at some Hairpin Legs. Our first reaction was what are hairpin legs and what would we do with them.

After a better look, I realised that this was taking me back to my design and technology classes in senior year. I kind of wish we had access to these type of legs back then.

There are a few styles of hairpin legs out there. The main two styles are a straight hairpin leg and the curved U shape hairpin leg. They are available in lengths of 25.4cm, 45.7cm and 71cm depending on the height requirement of the furniture you are building.

What we received was a set of 4x straight, 71cm, 3 prong, 12mm diameter steel rod hairpin legs. We’re impressed with the quality and weight of these hairpin legs. The welded join marks are clean and it makes for a very professional product.

We were so excited that we snapped a view close up images of the hairpin legs for you to see.

You can buy these hairpin legs straight from

Our DIY Table

We’ve set out to build our table using the Mad Legger Hairpin Legs

Items needed

  • 4x 710mm Hairpin Legs from Mad Legger
  • 5x 2000mm x 250mm x 50mm (LxWxH) of your choice of hard wood
  • Packet 25x 25mm Wood Screws
  • 2L Varnish from Bunnings
  • Porta 9.5mm x 1.2m Tasmanian Oak Dowel
  • Wood Glue

Total Cost



  1. Purchase your 710mm Hairpin Legs from Mad Legger
  2. Visit your local Bunnings Hardware Store
  3. Pick out your choice of wood, we prefer a hardwood. (make sure you check that the wood is flat with no bows)
  4.  Have your wood cut to length at Bunnings
  5. Drill 8 evenly spaced holes 9mm in width along the inside of the 2 outer planks of wood
  6. Drill 8 evenly spaced holes 9mm in width along both sides of 3 planks of wood
  7. Cut dow to size, insert some glue into the dow holes and tap dow in with a hammer
  8. Repeat until all planks are now joined together
  9. Allow your table top to dry for at least 4 hours
  10. Sand table top and edges
  11. Flip the table over and screw in Hairpin Legs
  12. Lightly sand the table top once standing on legs
  13. Rub with a clean dry cloth to remove any excess dust
  14. Varnish table top and allow to dry for 12 hours

Close up photos of the Hairpin Legs

Contact Details

Address: Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD 4211