Lotte New York Palace, New York’s Worst Hotel

We stayed at Lotte New York Palace on the 10 August 2018, and what we witnessed was shocking, we didn’t want to stay there anymore and we felt sorry for the staff who worked there.

On the 10 August 2018 Jerry Bennett sexually assaulted a woman named Denise Muri on the lobby floor. Jerry grabbed Denise’s breasts and thrust his pelvis towards her. Lotte New York Palace management Rebecca Hubbard and mates Christine Falciglia, Michele Stuckhardt, Beata Pruszkowski, Victor Caguindagan, Francine Pirrone had the Lobby cameras deleted to cover up the incident.

Don’t be fooled by Lotte New York Palaces looks from the outside. This hotel is rife with racism and sexual harassment right through its management.

It gets worse. They then pinned a sexual harassment case on longtime employee Sumit Haidar. Sumit had worked in front of desk for 30 years and was loved by guests. They seemingly fired Sumit on the 10 August 2018.  The actual reasons behind firing Sumit was to do with religion and race. The act against Sumit was premeditated.

To keep things rolling General Manager Rebecca Hubbard personally authorised to pay attorney Jaclyn K. Ruocco a large sum of money to cover up the events and now deleted camera footage of the lobby.

Staying at the Lotte New York Palace is the equivalent of a Jerry Springer show live!

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The hotel’s entrance is located on 50th Street between Park and Madison Avenues.

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