Lone Star Rib House Tuggerah


Update Feb 2019 : Lone Star Rib House Tuggerah is now temporarily closed. The restaurant was up for urgent sale and then a fire in the kitchen burned the place down. The business was attempted to be sold for $550,000 but later reduced to $395,000 despite it’s $2 million a year turn over.

Fawlty Towers has nothing on this place.

We’ve visited Lone Star Rib House Tuggerah on a number of occasions over the years and it’s been great. However, after the recent management change, Lone Star Tuggerah has gone done hill to the worst we’ve ever seen.


We first started to notice the changes when the quality and taste of the meat had changed and the service was poor. It was difficult to flag down any staff to get drinks, to the point that we went to the bar and ordered them ourselves.

Upon paying the bill and leaving we were advised by the manager that they could not split the bill. Telling us that the POS system could not do it. The irony is that in my younger years I used to install and train people on POS systems and particularly that one, I know it does have a split bill feature.

We’d recommend that you don’t bother ordering the Lone Star cheeseburger unless you are happy with a bread roll, piece of meat and a slice of cheese for $16. There is no sauce, no pickles and nothing else that comes with it. The meat is of average quality so we can’t actually work out why the Lone Star cheeseburger costs so much.

The Fawlty Towers

We’ve recently eaten at Lone Star Tuggerah within the last few weeks, only to find a rat running across the floor. It’s a little disturbing and usually a good indicator that not all is good in the kitchen and restaurant. We left halfway through our meal.

We called the following day to speak to management. A junior wait staff member answered the phone, we asked to speak to a manager. We could hear in the background the waitress say “Umm.. there’s this guy on the phone who is wanting to speak to a manager”, “what manager?”

Someone comes back to the phone and says hello, it was the same waitress putting a voice on. Seriously! I then proceeded to tell them that we ate at the restaurant last night and saw a rat running across the floor. The waitress immediately handed the phone to someone else.

A cook answered the phone and said that while yes there is a rat problem in the area, he assured me that the kitchen is clean.

The problem with this is that once you have a rat problem in the area, it is very likely that rats get into everything including the roof, cardboard boxes, bread, warm spots in your fridges and freezers. They also tend to wee and poop everywhere making said kitchen not clean.

While we were there we took a short video of a waitress cleaning leftover food out of the table cracks with customer cutlery. To be honest, a simple screwdriver would suffice here. Dishwashers do not kill all bacteria but kill most.

We’ve taken the only reasonable measures that come to mind and have been in contact with the food safety department of the local council to just check this out.  We will update this review when new information comes to light.

Company History

In 2010 Lone Star Steakhouse and Saloon rebadged to Lone Star Rib House. The Texan themed franchise chain was developed by the founders of the Outback Jacks Bar & Grill.

The Lone Star Tuggerah Store has had several owner changes over the years.

Staff member cleaning food out of the cracks in a table using customer cutlery

Contact Details

Located in: Westfield Tuggerah
Address: Westfield Tuggerah, 1038/50 Wyong Rd, Tuggerah NSW 2259
Phone: (02) 4353 5552

Lone Start Head Office: 1300 657 079