LG 13kg Front Load Washing Machine WD1013NDE


Customer Opinion

We purchased the LG 13kg Front Load Washing Machine WD1013NDE, after only 3 weeks of use started leaking. The serviceman came and found that there was a cracked out drum and could not find the cause. LG’s “experts” on only seeing the photos determined that even without finding a “Foreign Object” this major fault was caused by the said object and was not covered by the warranty.

So I am now faced with replacing a machine I paid $1500 for or fixing it at the cost of $1300. I would also like to note that the LG “Customer Care” department should be renamed “Customers We Don’t Care” they basically just read off a script, don’t listen and fob you off.

Customer Alias: GabbyM

Product Reviewer response

All products have some failure rate, however, in saying this, it’s not the first time that we have read about complaints that the drum leaks, or that the machine despite being a 13kg drum is not up to the task of even a queen size duvet.

What is letting LG down majorly is poor after-sales customer care. There seems to be a theme called ‘blame the customer’ and don’t acknowledge anything.

I state this from my own personal experience where our $299 LG microwave is worse than a $70 no-name from K-mart. It will heat one meal in 5 minutes and the other will take 15 minutes. This started happening from the day we brought it home.

We rang LG customer care and they had already started on us by telling us that they would need to determine if we had used the Microwave in an incorrect manner. I was hugely angry, I have been using microwaves for 30 years, I know how to use a Microwave, it’s just your product is crap and not worth more than $49 and by the way the $70 K-mart microwave had no problem and did last 8 years.

Product Specifications

Website: https://www.lg.com/au/washing-machines/lg-WD1013NDE

Washing Capacity (kg)

Width (mm) : 645