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Learning to drive can be exciting but at the same time stressful as the learning driver. First Ride driving school have taken the stress out of it and have made it something that is fun, easy to learn and they have great success rates of drivers getting their license on the first attempt.

First Ride take an easy no drivel approach right from the start, using advanced coaching procedures that works time and time again! Their prime motto is to teach you to secure driving skills and pass the test in the first attempt itself.

You will literally be driving from your first lesson. We will assist you with state-of-the-art training via our professional trainer that is fully proven to enhance your opportunity of passing the test by a good margin. They provide complete theory test support, all of which are fully tailored to your needs and capability.

Free Learning Materials

Training Prices

  • 1-hour lessons are $40
  • Bronze (10 Hour Package) $390
  • Silver (20 Hour Package) $760
  • Gold (40 Hour Package) $1480

Test Prices

Test Preparation + Hire Car
Pricing: 1.5 Hour Test Preparation $80
1 Hour Prior Test Lesson + Hire Car $150
2 Hour Prior Test Lesson + Hire Car $190

Note: Test prices include the lesson prior to the test and the use of the instructor’s car for the test. The test fee and License fee payable to the RMS is paid directly by the student.

Contact Details

Phone: 0421 954 160
Address: 4/3 New York St, Granville NSW 2142

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