The Best Laser Printers in Australia

You stand to gain a lot of things from buying the right printer. From savings in cost and time to increased convenience, there are many benefits to enjoy when you go for a good printer. These benefits can be maximised when you go for any of the printers on our list, starting from our top choice below.
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A Laser printer uses laser beam technology to carry out its printing duties, and it is a provision that makes it more effective, faster, and ultimately more economical than the average printer. But because of its relatively higher purchase costs, it is not always the first thing that comes to mind when most people look to buy a printer. Those who side with laser printers have to consider their yield, print speed and resolution, handling capacity, running cost, etc. 

They also have to check for things like an ADF, Duplex scanner/printer, and other provisions that improve the overall quality of the printer and the user experience. So while this might be admittedly too much to ask of any potential buyer, we’ve tried out our hands at the scutwork, and we also have a list to show for it. 

Our Top-Rated Laser Printer: The Brother HL-L6400DW Mono Laser Printer

With a print rate of fifty pages per minute, a 12,000 pages toner yield, automatic two-sided printing, and a lot more, there is no shortage of exciting features with the Brother HL-L6400DW Mono Laser Printer. This printer is the perfect companion for those who leave a paperwork trail at home or office. And when it sets out to work, it will chew up and churn out everything thrown at it with speed and power. 

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The Best Laser Printers – Reviews 

For many people, the best printer might mean very different things. It could mean the fastest or the most cost-effective printer. Others say the best laser printers should combine a strong selection of functional features while making room for a few bells and whistles as a bonus. Whichever side of the divide you lean towards, we can always agree on one thing. 

The best laser printers should be able to find the sweet spot in cost and performance. Through a series of tests and checks on many of the biggest printers out there, we’ve plumbed the depths in our quest to find this sweet spot. And we can say that we’ve struck gold with many of the products on this list. 

These products have very attractive running costs that seem to belie the quality of output that they process. They give reasonably high yields and require very little maintenance to keep them in good shape. 

1. Brother HL-L6400DW Mono Laser Printer

Brother HL L6400DW Mono Laser

Key Specifications 

Size ‎28.8 x 40 x 39.6 cm (HWD) 
Printer typeLaser
Multifunction featuresPrint, scan, copy, fax
Color OptionsGray
Maximum Print Speed50 ppm(monochrome)
WarrantyYes, with a one-year standard warranty 
Automatic Two-sided printingYes

This printer is certainly not shy of solid features going by the things the manufacturer touts in its user manual, many of which I could see for myself. 

For one, its fifty minutes per page output is not a figure that they merely bandy around. My tests place it just a fraction short of this mark, at around 49.2 seconds. Others include the quality of the printed text, and there are practically no holes to pick on that one. 

Then there’s the Wi-Fi connectivity feature which I also took for a run. Setting up a secured network connection to my phone was quick and easy. And as soon as I clicked on print, the printer fired up immediately, churning out pages of my favorite novel in fast breaks. 


  • It has a combined handling capacity of 570 pages. And it also has the provision to increase its capacity to a whopping 2,650 pages by fixing additional lower trays. This is massive for a printer of its size, and it ensures that you do not run out of paper in a short time. 
  • It boasts options of a 12,000-page inbox toner and an optional 20,000-page ultra-high yield. This presents the user with a choice of toners to use, each corresponding to different cost implications and output yield. 
  • Its Wi-Fi feature makes room for multiple connected users to print out their works. I tried out this feature, and the printer put up a good showing, connecting to nearly every device in the room and printing pages after pages of different works. 


  • This printer only prints in black and white. So if you need color for your work, this is not the printer to go for.
  • It is not the quietest object in the room. I could hear the hum of the engine in a muffled tone, but that was probably because I was intently looking out for it


The Brother HL-L6400DW, Mono Laser printer, is very good at its job, that is, printing, scanning, faxing, and scanning in black and white. It packs in choice features, chief among which are duplex printing, its 570-sheet holding capacity, and its potential for increasing it to 2,650 pages. 

Throw in its impressive print speed and yield, and you get a printer that is unsurprisingly in high demand among small and medium businesses.

2. HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M480f MFP

HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M480fMFP

Key Specifications 

Size ‎18.58 x 16.35 x 15.74 cm (LWH) 
Printer typeLaser
Multifunction featuresPrint, scan, copy, fax
Color OptionsWhite
Max Print Speed 27 ppm (monochrome)
WarrantyYes, up to a three-year extended warranty 
Automatic Two-sided printingYes

With a running cost that goes from 2.1cents for monochrome prints to 14.1cents for colored prints, this printer offers its owners the capacity for increased savings in operational cost. It also has the provision to increase its capacity from a default 250-sheet volume to about 850 sheets.

I found its 29ppm print speed for one-sided pages might be a tad underwhelming for a printer of its class. But the quality of its output is very nearly top of the class. 


  • It offers wired and wireless printing at fast speeds. I tested the latter feature over my phone, and it was exactly as fast as its makers claim. 
  • Its running costs are pretty competitive. Still, this printer does not sacrifice power and quality for economy, as I found out. 


  • It is not the cheapest laser printer around. However, this initial outlay will be ultimately offset by its low running cost.
  • Its graphic output is not its strong point. And while you’re churning out files, this printer will not flatter to impress with its print speed. 


The HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M480f MFP is renowned for its low running costs and notorious for its average print speed. But the positives with this printer far outweigh the downsides, or so I feel. 

3. HP Never Stop 1001nw Mono Wireless Laserjet Printer

HP Never Stop 1001NW Mono laserjet printer

Key Specifications 

Size 8.3 by 15 by 11.6 inches (HWD) 
Printer typeLaser
Multifunction featuresPrinter, copy, scan
Color OptionsWhite/Black
Max Print Speed 20 ppm (monochrome)
WarrantyYes, with a one-year limited warranty 
Automatic Two-sided printingNo

A strong member of the leading class in the economy, the HP Never Stop 1001nw Mono printer is relentless at its job. Its makers promise a 60 percent savings on toner and a 5000-page yield. It is a monochrome printer and a pretty good one too, from my point of view. 

I saw it churn out prints of consistent quality for several pages. From the bold blacks to the crisp text and the sharp fonts, there is no compromise with the quality of the printed text. It can scan, print, and copy documents in quick succession and at impressive speeds. 


  • It uses a dynamic security provision to bar chips and electronic circuitry of a product maker other than HP from working. This reduces the risk of malfunction of the printer arising from mismatched cartridges. 
  • The printer can be integrated with the HP smart app on its users’ phones to facilitate smart and easy remote printing. I found this feature particularly useful, as I could execute a print action without having to sit close to the printer. 
  • Refilling its toner is a very straightforward affair, and it’ll leave no mess while at it. The refill kit is very well-stocked, and it makes it easy to stock up on toner whenever you run out. 


  • It does not have the capacity to execute 
  • automatic two-sided (duplex) printing. This makes it slower to print multi-page documents
  • Its graphics output is not its strongest point.


True to its name, the HP Never Stop 1001nw Mono Wireless Laserjet Printer never stops carrying out its printer duty. It is the printer for those who can not afford to splash the big bucks without having to make any major concessions in the quality of work or delivery. There are minor concessions, though, but from what I’ve seen, they are not enough to be considered deal-breakers. 

4. HP Laserjet Pro M227fdw 

HP Laserjet Pro M227DFW

Key Specifications 

Size 12.24 by 15.86 by 16.02 inches (HWD) 
Printer typeLaser
Multifunction featuresPrint, scan, copy, fax
Color OptionsWhite/Black
Max Print Speed 28 ppm (monochrome)
WarrantyYes, with a one-year standard warranty 
Automatic Two-sided printingYes

This is a Multifunction Printer with the capacity to do most of the things you’ll like your printer to do. From the printing of two-sided documents to Wi-Fi-based printing, this printer is up to date with the demands of a functional printer. 

It is powered by JetIntelligence toner cartridge, a big name in the printer cartridge manufacturing scene. What it gives off in return is a high yield that does its best to cut back on the running cost. 


  • It can make quality prints with bold blacks and pretty clear texts. The print copies turn out sharp and retain their quality for long periods. 
  • In its Wi-Fi Direct and NFC touch-to-print technologies, you have two of the most convenient-design provisions that make printing very easy.
  • The former uses wireless technology to allow you to print out text from your mobile device. And the latter makes for a touch-to-print feature that goes on in the absence of a network connection. 
  • Its low running costs make it a top pick for people who have an eye on their pockets. And it does not do much to detract from the quality of work that it produces


  • With a weight of  9.4 kg, this printer will take a lot of effort to be moved around in the office. 
  • Its high price is a sticking point for most people.


The HPLaserjet Pro M227fdw is a bulky all-in-one printer that is pretty good at not one, but all of its job specifications. If you’re not immediately put off by its price, you can start looking forward to quick and easy wired and wireless printing, all all the bells that come with it. 

5. Versalink B600 A4 56Ppm Duplex Printer

Versalink B600 Duplex Printer

Key Specifications 

Size 42.7 x 46.6 x 44.3cm (HWD) 
Printer typeLaser
Multifunction featuresPrint, scan, copy
Color OptionsWhite
Max Print Speed 56 ppm (monochrome)
WarrantyYes, with a one-year limited warranty 
Automatic Two-sided printingNo

A versatile printer in every sense of the word, the Versalink B600 is a product of Xerox and lives up to its high standard. For one, its print resolution for monochrome prints is set at 1200 x 1200 dpi. This translates to printed texts that can not be mistaken for anything other than top quality. 

Its security features are another strong point, with its “Security Print” and card authentication for access control as its biggest highlight. The latter serves as a gatekeeper of sorts, making for a more rigorous control system that spells well for the security of sensitive user data. 


  • It offers integration to tons of customization options with which users can carry out a range of printer functions.
  • From the provision of direct access to predefined task-specific actions to a personalization of the mobile user experience on high-traffic apps, this printer allows you to dictate the tone. 
  • Its capacitive color touchscreen is a capable task manager. Users can navigate through tasks and printer functions using this touchscreen, and it is an absolute joy to work with. 
  • It has a duty cycle of 10,300 pages for monochrome prints and a print speed of 56ppm. These numbers are relatively high figures for laser printers, making it suited to high-volume printing works.


  • It does not operate quietly. While I did not find this noise disturbing, I could hear it when I stood close to the printer. 
  • Its Wi-Fi module is nearly disproportionate in its pricing. 


The Versalink printer builds on the reputation of its makers and delivers performances that are the envy of the competition. It combines an impressively fast printing capacity(56ppm) with a couple of security-centric provisions  

It has wired and wireless printing capacity,  with slots for USB, Ethernet, and a Wi-Fi feature to show for it. And these are just a few out of the strong feature-set that it parades. 

6. HP Neverstop 1202nw 3-in-1 Mono Laser MFP Printer

HP Neverstop 1202NW

Key Specifications

Size 38.1 x 52.1 x 38.5 (HWD) 
Printer typeLaser
Multifunction featuresPrint, scan, copy
Color OptionsWhite/Black
Max Print Speed 20 ppm (monochrome)
WarrantyYes, with a one-year limited warranty 
Automatic Two-sided printingYes

Another one from the Neverstop line of HP’s laser printer, this printer is the go-to for economy users. With its refillable toner tank promising a 60% savings on running costs, it is not difficult to imagine why it is highly sought after. 

Its toner has enough raw material to print about 5,000 pages. And in its portable frame, it can slot into anywhere around the office or at home. 


  • Its toner cartridges are some of the cheapest in the business. This makes for greater cost-effectiveness as it translates to a minimal running cost. 
  • It is very portable. I was able to move it across tables without breaking a sweat, and its slight frame can be leveraged to save space around the office. 
  • Refilling the toner tank is pretty easy. This is because of the convenient design that it employs, and I find this feature particularly apt. 


  • It does not have an auto-duplex or ADF feature. This makes multipage printing to be more time-consuming.
  • Its print and scan resolution is not a bright spot. With 600 x 600 dpi for the former and 600 dpi for the latter, it will not be capable of delivering high-quality works. 


The HP Neverstop 1202nw 3-in-1 Mono Laser MFP Printer does not pretend to be a workhorse. But when it set out to work(with printing tasks), it took on everything that I threw at it without breaking stride.

This printer is proof that economy does not have to mean big compromise, at least, minus the resolution drop across actions other than printing. 

7. HP Laserjet Pro M479fdw A4 Color Laser Multifunction Printer

HP Laserjet Pro M479FDW

Key Specifications 

Size ‎47.24 x 39.88 x 41.66 cm (HWD) 
Printer typeLaser
Multifunction featuresPrint, scan, copy, fax
Color OptionsWhite
Max Print Speed 28ppm (monochrome)
WarrantyYes, with a one-year standard warranty 
Automatic Two-sided printingYes

Whether you’re printing in monochrome or colored mode or faxing a copy to someone on the other side, this printer keeps up the quality of its output and its speed of operation. 

It is a multifunction printer with a robust security feature and a 4.3″ Color touchscreen control panel that seems to fire off at the scent of your fingers. 

With a print speed of 24ppm for black and colored prints, this printer may not be the fastest. But it makes up for it with a satisfactory print quality that is complemented by a deft paper handling capacity. 


  • It has an auto-duplexer that allows automatic two-sided printing, making printing on both sides of a paper much faster. This printer takes on multi-paged monochrome and colored printing without dropping its speed.
  • It has a 50-sheet ADF that maintains a steady supply of paper to the printhead. This ensures that you can watch from the sidelines as the printer churns out print after print until the supply finds out. 


  • It does not have attractive running costs. This is, however, mostly due to the high cost of its toner. 
  • It can not print from media cards, as a number of others in its class. 


The HP Laserjet Pro M479fdw A4 Color Laser Multifunction Printer takes on a complete range of printer duties. And when you start counting the numbers as I did, you’ll find out that it is a pretty decent printer. 

It is a color laser printer with a 50-sheet ADF and a multifunction feature; say no more. 

How To Choose The Best Laser Printer – Buyer’s Guide

Here, we summarily discuss some of the most important considerations that people should consider when they look to purchase a laser printer. 

Help Choosing A Laser Printer For Your Office

Your choice of laser printer for your office should be able to meet your output needs in terms of volume, quality, and speed. If activities around your office involve a lot of nonstop paperwork, you may want to get a printer with a high-capacity paper tray, an ADF, and a duplex printing capacity. 

–  What Kind of Laser Do You Need: Print Only or AIO?

If your work revolves around many extra functions that a Print Only printer can not perfect, it is only logical that you go for an AIO printer. For example, if you need to fax documents a lot or carry out scan-to-email tasks, you’ll have to go for an AIO printer. 

Single-function or multifunction printers (MFPs), aka all-in-ones (AIOs)

A single-function printer is a printer that can be used to print, as a minimum. This type of printer may also be able to scan and copy. On the other hand,  a multifunction printer(MFPs), aka all-in-one (AIO) as the name implies combines the ability to print, scan, copy, and most especially, fax, in one machine. 

Laser Printer Output Speed

The output speed of a laser printer is the speed with which it churns out print copies mostly, or copy, scan, and fax copies. It is measured in pages per minute and is a measure of the strength of the printer. A typical printer can make an average of 30 to 40 pages per minute for monochrome prints.

Text and Color Quality 

Laser printers are widely reputed to produce some of the most high-quality text prints. But the same can not be said for the quality of their color prints. Laser printers are a good fit when you want to make medium-quality color prints that do not necessarily call for color depth and a good tonal range. 

Paper-tray capacity

The paper-tray capacity of your printer is a measure of its handling capacity, that is, the maximum number of papers that it can hold in its paper tray. While most printers use a single paper tray, some other printers combine a couple of paper trays to increase their overall capacity. This results in less frequent paper refills as it takes longer to run out. 

Duty cycle

This is a measure of your printer’s cost effectiveness and a major contributor to it’s overall running costs. It is the maximum number of pages that the printer is able to print in a month. Your home printer should be able to make 5,000 print copies in a month as a minimum. And if you need a printer for office duty, especially if the paperwork is high volume, you should be looking at a printer rated for 20,000 to 25,000 copies per month. 

PCL and Postscript

PCL, short for printer control language, is the use of the printer hardware to create some printed data like special graphics data. The short of it is that it is a device dependent printer language. 

On the other hand, Postscript is a device independent printer language. This means the Postscript language is solely responsible for the creation of all relevant print data. It makes for greater consistency of the graphic content(fonts, underlines, e.t.c) or overall output of a single file when printed across multiple printers.

Automatic duplexer

An automatic duplexer on a printer is a feature that allows it to automatically print on either side of a paper. It helps to execute the printing of multi-paged files more quickly, that is, in a single pass of the paper through scanners on either side of the paper. 

Automatic document feeder (ADF)

You can automatically scan, print, or copy a stack of papers in quick succession (mostly 50) by feeding the printhead through an Automatic document feeder. The ADF has the capacity to automatically supply the printer with a steady stream of papers, as opposed to having to manually insert insert each page into the machine.

Duplex scanning

A printer with a duplex scanner has a pair of scanners that are positioned on either side of the print paper slot. This provision ensures that the printer scans both sides of the paper at once, saving users the time and effort spent in manually reinserting the paper the other way up. 

Reversing ADF (RADF)

A Reverse automatic document feeder (RADF) has to flip the paper to scan the other side after it has successfully scanned one of its sides. It is the opposite of a single pass ADF, as it has to take the paper through a two-cycle circuit before a multipage printing action can be executed. 

Office-centric security

If your work around the office involves the distribution of sensitive material, a printer with office-centric provisions will serve you better. Some of the provisions includes the request for pin code before printing in a system known as private printing. Others include hard drive encryption for printers with a built-in hard drive. 

LED Versus Laser

LED printers produce prints at higher speeds, with lower resolutions, and operate much quieter in comparison to a Laser Printer. Laser printers produce prints of better quality and cost more than the average LED printer. They use moving parts to beam prints across the paper as against the row of LEDs flashing all at once over the paper. 

Laser Printer Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best home laser printer in Australia?

The HL-L6400DW perfectly fits into the “home printer” narrative with a print speed of 26 ppm and a running cost of around 2.2 to 2.7cents per page depending on the tonal cartridge in use. It tops it off with a duty cycle of up to 2000 pages, fit for all your low-volume home printing exertions. 

What is the most reliable all in one laser printer?

The HP M255dw has an intuitive touchscreen interface, great apps, and a low cost of operation. It produces great results, too: crisp black text and vibrant color graphics.

How long does toner last in a laser printer?

The longevity of your toner depends on the grade and capacity of the cartridge in use. While a standard cartridge will typically churn out between 10,000 to 12,000 pages, a high capacity cartridge will produce 10,000 to 12,000 pages before it runs out of toner. 

Do laser printers copy and scan?

Yes, they can be used to copy and scan documents. A print only laser printer will be incapable of scanning your documents unlike a multifunction/all-in-one printer. 

Which laser printer has the cheapest printing cost?

While the HL-L6400DW puts up a strong showing when it comes to cheap printing cost, others like the HP Color LaserJet Pro M227fdw, and the HPM480f can equally stake a strong claim. The latter uses a black cartridge with a yield of 3,150 pages, translating to 3.2 cents per page. 

Final Thoughts

The average laser printer can cause significantly more in comparison to other printer types, but the potential for a long term profit puts the others in the shade. Its high initial outlay is adequately offset by its relatively cheaper running costs, higher yields, and the greater speed at which it operates. 

So if you’re looking to get a laser printer, we’ve curated a list of some of the very best options in the market today. These printers offer all the qualities that you’ll like in your printer, fast speed, ADF, duplex printer/scanner, multifunction etc. No other printer on our list embodies these qualities as much as the Brother HL-L6400DW, and it is our top recommendation. 


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